Thanksgiving Weekend

My Thanksgiving weekend started with a bang!  Two of my “imaginary friends” from the U.S. were up vacationing in Niagara Falls.  I first met them online on a baby site when our kids were little, and then in real life at a meetup that a whole bunch of us had in Ontario in 2008.  I have had the good fortune of vacationing with S and her daughters since then, and J has given me the BEST tours around Boston when I have gone down to visit.  So I was thrilled that they were going to be only an hour away, and that I was able to sneak away from the house for a few hours to hang out with them.  I should have tagged along for more of their vacation – they did all the touristy fun stuff that the people who live here never get around to doing.  It’s always on the “someday” list.  I’m glad they both were able to get away for some fun and relaxation – they deserve it!
Oh and here’s a travel tip – when you go to Niagara Falls, park at the Casino Niagara self-parking garage (which is also connected to the Sheraton on the Falls and a bunch of restaurants), visit the Players Advantage Club desk on the third floor of the casino and get a PAC card for free.  Now I’m not all that clear on the details of the card other than that I heard I could get free parking if I used my card in the slot machines.  The website indicates that I would need the higher level cards for this, and the staff couldn’t tell me exactly how much I needed to spend to get the parking, but I spent $20 in the slots (in aproximately 6.3 seconds), had them check my card and I got free parking, which would have been $25.  So if you plan to gamble anyway, keep that in mind.
On Sunday we drove 2 hours through ridiculous rainstorms and crazy traffic to have dinner at my mother in law’s house.  It took twice as long to get there as it normally does, so we pretty much came in on 2 wheels to make sure we didn’t miss out on her delicious turkey dinner.
The girls were excited to see one of their cousins.

Molly brought a secret surprise costume that she made –
even her socks have been made into turkey feet!

 Finally on Monday my mom cooked her traditional turkey dinner that I have always loved.  She uses her mother’s stuffing recipe, and always makes candied sweet potatoes.  She tried to change it one year when I was a kid to something involving pineapple and I went ballistic.  You can’t mess with Thanksgiving!!  I have mastered her sweet potato recipe, and I can muddle my way through making a turkey, but I have never figured out gravy.  She does that with ease.  She is a much better cook than I am.  It’s a good thing too since her microwave has a crack in it.

Please excuse the presentation of the plate – I was in such a hurry
to sit down and eat this yummy food that I was just lobbing it onto
the plate.  Plus…3 kids…I had to work quickly.

Grace in “the white chair” – only my Grandma
was allowed to sit in this when I was a kid.  I’m
always afraid that my kids will ruin it – and of
course I was the one who almost spilled her drink
all over it on Monday.

Molly in an outfit that my mom gave her at least 2 years ago.
The doctor swears she is growing, but it still fits!
You can see why this one’s not named Grace.  Maggie was too busy
with the ipad to sit up for pictures.

I am thankful that we got to see parts of the family this weekend, and enjoy so much delicious food.

What food is essential for you to have at Thanksgiving?  Do you like to experiment, or throw fits like me if anything changes?  

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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    There are five of us with October birthdays, so we always end up having a birthday party instead. Although, this year, I did some crafts with the kids at home and made a pre-stuffed turkey blob that turned out pretty well. I have a vision in my head of Thanksgivings when they’re older… they’ll help me make pie, they’ll eat some of the vegetables, they won’t run around my feet screaming while I cook… I can dream, right?

    Molly’s turkey costume is super cute. 🙂

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