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Remember how I was so excited to sign on with and I made you all go over and drool over my contributor bio?  Well I want you to go over there and look again today, but this time on the FRONT PAGE!!!  I wrote my first story for them, and it was published today!  I was already feeling a perma-glow from BlissDom Canada, but now I am sure I walked 3 feet off the ground all day.

The whole family is excited for me – Grace even told half the people in her school about it.

Note to self – shut down blog and move to another school district before the teachers call an awkward meeting.  

Although I am sure that nothing I say here at Don’t Lick the Deck is going to surprise them – once you’ve asked your child’s teacher where the bar is at Open House night – TWO years in a row –  there is pretty much nowhere to go from there but up.  Hopefully they will stay on Parentdish and not stray over here, because over there I almost appear to be someone who should be trusted to raise children.  Over here…maybe fish or snails.  Oh wait – they’re all dead.  Plants then.  Nope, they’re dead too.

Second note to self – email Grace’s teacher about Grace’s lying and storytelling.  Google top parenting book to reference when mentioning the proactive approach that we are taking to get ahead of this problem.  Refer to latest “tall tale” of Mommy being a writer.  Make 9 spelling errors in email for credibility.

The article I wrote is 10 tips for trick-or-treating with your toddler which is something that I am happy to report I survived, and would trade in an instant for the future days of arguing over skimpy costumes and sketchy Halloween parties.  I think we are in the sweet spot right now for Halloween, at the ages of 7 and 9.  Old enough that trick-or-treating is almost easy, but young enough that they are still excited about the whole thing, and I can still have them under my watchful eye.

Here are pictures of Molly in her ladybug costume that I mention in the article.  Please excuse the photography – I was 3 weeks away from delivering the twins, and I was thundering around the mall like a rhinoceros – camera blur was inevitable.

Have you started planning Halloween costumes yet?  Any tips you think I missed?

And most importantly, what size autographed photo would you like to display on your mantle?

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