Don’t Smell the Deck

If you are over on the Don’t Lick the Deck Facebook page you may have seen my post the other day:

This morning we were sitting around the breakfast table, finishing off the delicious omelettes and coffee that Nerdguy made for us. I guess his cooking is a little too enticing, because we had a visitor looking to get in on it:

Do you SEE the skunk head poking out of our deck?!?!

I didn’t think it was possible to have worse free-loading tenants than the raccoons. Clearly I was hideously wrong.

What do we do now? I am terrified of scaring it and having it spray the house.

*Just as an aside, I am writing this in the car while we drive home from my mother-in-law’s house, and right after I typed that last sentence I could smell skunk. Am I having a skunk-stroke? Are they following me? Or am I so talented of a writer that my words come to life? I think it’s that one. Or possibly apple has come out with some kind of scratch and sniff app that makes your words smell (I call the patent on that baby).*

My friend had a skunk spray the outside of her house, and everything they owned stunk. She took her kid to daycare and the babysitter had to dispose of (set on fire) the outfit she came in. We have enough body odour problems in this family – we don’t need additional ones.

So if you come over, bring some tomato juice. And whatever you do…don’t even smell the deck, let alone lick it.


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