BlissDom Canada ’13 – Day 1

I’ve just finished my first evening at BlissDom Canada for this year, and I am that kind of happy tired, in which you are exhausted, but don’t want to go to bed yet, because you are not ready for the day to be over.  

I didn’t think I would ever get here, between the packing and Nerdguy having to go away for work during the conference.  He never has to to away.  He is always in the basement.  I go to a conference once a year.  What were the chances of them overlapping.  But instead of me having to back out, Nerdguy asked his amazing mother to come out and stay with the kids.  I am so lucky that she said yes!
And then I realized that Nerdguy would be away for our school BBQ and open house.  Remember last year???  When I asked the teacher where the bar was?  My mother in law offered to come a day early, and I jumped at the offer, because it meant that she could help me with the open house.  It was going to be easy this year for sure right?  Let’s put it this way…I asked TWO teachers where the bar was.  I think they were just as eager for the night to end, because they said they were wondering the same thing.  Maybe if we all write the principal he can implement that for next year.  Just to be on the safe side, I’m going to sign another parent’s name to my letter.
I’m so glad that I made it to BlissDom Canada.  I saw lots of friends from last year, made some new friends, met some more of the lovely BluntMoms, and had a lot of fun and laughs.  And just a glass or 3 or wine.  See, here I didn’t even need to ask where the bar was.
And I didn’t have to ask why my room number doesn’t exist like last year (there were 2 towers. My room was in the other tower.  I don’t get out much).   Got this whole 2 tower conference centre thing all figured out now that I’m “worldly.”  
Goodnight – I have to get my beauty sleep for tomorrow’s session that start bright and early.


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