Bliss Made Me Breathe

I’ve been walking around in a post-BlissDom Canada fog, wondering why I feel so strange.  Am I coming down with something?  Why can’t I form words to write a wrap-up post?  There must be something wrong with me.

But the more I read facebook posts and blogs from other attendees, the more I realize that I am not alone.  There are many of us that don’t know what to do with the incredible experience we had at the conference.  Honestly, it feels like a cross between being in love and having the flu.  I have this happy glow, that has been missing for most of the year, and at the same time I can’t form sentences or focus on anything because my brain feels fuzzy.

I want to write a wrap-up post that will really convey what this conference meant to me, but there are a couple of things stopping me.  The first is that if I write it, then I have to face that it is really over.  I’m not ready to do that.

The second is that I could write a book on the life-changing experiences that I had.  Each speaker was more inspiring than the last.  I was entertained, educated, taught valuable life lessons, lifted up (figuratively but the literal one wouldn’t have shocked me), hugged, inspired, engaged, welcomed, complimented.  I was fed.  This was both literal (by the fantastic sponsors) and figurative – my heart and soul feel nourished.

I have been having a rough time lately with some of the issues with the kids, and the general chaos of the house.  It’s been feeling like things were never going to get better.  So I knew that even though I live very close to the conference site, I had to truly get away.  I needed to put my own oxygen mask on before I could help anyone else.  Nerdguy was his always supportive self, and said it was a great idea.  I am so grateful for this.

I had 3 days to just focus on me.  I didn’t need to make a lunch, settle an argument, or run an errand.  I just soaked up all the goodness.  I dressed up.  I let my hair down and danced in my jammies.  I met some of the fabulous BluntMoms, and reunited with the BluntMoms that I met last year.  I chatted with friends, and I made new ones.  I hugged Glennon of Momastery, and she told me that she loved my blog name!  And forgot to get a photo with her because I was a bit busy fainting.

I have come home feeling stronger.  The challenges here are still the same, but I feel like things will be okay now.

Because now I can breathe.

Blissdom Canada


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    “Post Blissdom fog” … exactly! And just loom at YOU … gorgeous in your red dress! It was great to see you again, Tara – looking forward to dancing with you again next year. And reading your upcoming 10,999,999 wrap-up posts (;

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    Tara, I still don’t think I have recovered and am in fact now faced with a real cold (think all that adrenaline and go just came to a crashing halt). Your post addresses what I think many (including us) are noticing about the conference this year. That it had a dose of magic in it…:)

    Your smile is one of the most infectious and lovely smiles I have ever met and I so look forward to when we can see each other in person again.

    In the meantime, wow! Red is seriously smokin on you!

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      What a lovely reply Jennifer!! It’s so funny because that is exactly what I have always thought about your smile! I am sorry that you have a cold, but yeah not surprised – it’s probably not unlike the after-exams cold that I always got. I hope you feel better soon 🙂 Can’t wait to see you again soon, and you looked absolutely gorgeous in your gown!!


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