Echo Echo

A magical thing just happened.  Well two magical things actually if you count the fact that all 3 of my children are in bed before 8:30.  I love Fall with its dark evenings – I was long ago done with all that ‘light until 9:30’ foolishness.

I was in Molly’s room trying to convince her that her toe was not in fact going to fall off, and that it would be better in the morning (why do kids have all sorts of medical ’emergencies’ the second the lights go off, but up until then they are healthy as a horse?), when I heard a crash from Maggie’s room.  I ran in and asked her the standard “Are you okay?” to which she always echoes back “Are you okay?” instead of yes or no.  So I tried a different approach and asked “What happened?”  I was expecting either an echo back, or no answer at all.  But do you KNOW what she said????

Wait for it….

“I fell.”


She answered a question.  A vague, non-rehearsed question.  She even got the pronoun right!

Screw you autism!

Maggie tackled me, so we were lying on
the ground.  And while that position does
wonders for flattening my stomach, it seems
to enhance my Mr. Potato Head-esqueness.

Edit: It turned out to be her toe that hurt, and I made the mistake of kissing it better (when will I learn?)  She then stuck her foot in my face 15 times, saying “The kiss her.”  If I did not comply, she grabbed me by my ponytail and made me kiss her toe.  We’re waiting for the military to hire her to run boot camps.

If you want to read more about echolalia, I found this great description of it here.


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