Dinner and a Show

Through some kind of miracle, Nerdguy and I managed to escape the house on Saturday night and go out on a date!  We were celebrating the anniversary of our first date 20 years ago.  We had a hard time narrowing down what we wanted to do…there was talk of buying new identities and running for the border, but that sounded tiring, so we went with dinner and a movie.
We ate at Stone House Restaurant and it was absolutely delicious.  The prime rib just melted in my mouth, and Nerdguy loved the catch of the day.  We were so full at the end of the meal, and we couldn’t even eat it all.  Of course this could also be because we ate dinner at 4:30.  20 years ago we were just finishing breakfast by then some days.
So after a quick stop back at the house to stick the huge amount of leftovers in the fridge (I waited in the car because there was no way I was risking getting sucked back in), we headed out to see a movie.   There was nothing that we were dying to see, but we knew we needed a laugh, and took a chance on seeing We’re the Millers.  It had the potential to be really funny or really stupid.  Luckily it was hilarious.  Pretty vulgar, and I was surprised that it was rated only 14+ but we thought it was funny.

It was really nice to get out for awhile as a couple.  We both make sure that individually we get lots of breaks from the daily chaos of our house, and we have plenty of dinner and a movie dates in our family room after the kids are barricaded in their rooms in bed, but it doesn’t compare to an official date night.  Having a chance to be together to talk, without distractions, and without being exhausted from the dinner/bedtime routine is a necessary luxury from time to time.

Being able to get out like that hinges on having a great babysitter.  The amazing support worker that we hired to work with Maggie on her field trips at camp this summer came over to stay with the kids.  The kids were very excited to see her, and she says that she really enjoys spending time with them.  She didn’t enjoy the dead rat that the kids found in our shed quite as much.  But she had read this blog before coming here, so she can hardly say that finding something like that comes as an earth-shattering surprise.

The next morning Maggie seemed down-right angry to see us, and kept asking for the babysitter, while the other two kept saying that we should go out more often.  I was starting to feel a tad hurt, because I remember hiding from my perfectly-good babysitters when I was a kid.  How awful must we be if our kids can’t wait for us to go out?  But rather than wallow in self-pity, we decided to make lemonade and began to discuss a possible weekend jaunt to New York City in the Spring.  The kids overheard us talking about it and got really upset about us going.  My heart was smiling on the inside.  I won’t lie.  “This is more like it.  They really do love us.  We are good parents, whom they miss when we are gone,” I was thinking.  “It’s okay girls.  We will be back before you have a chance to miss us,” I said.  They exchanged confused looks and informed us that they were upset because they want to go to New York.  Give them a credit card and point them toward the American Girl store, and I don’t think they would care if we even went with them.

The lesson here is that it is good to get out as a couple for quality time, and it is equally as important to find a good babysitter, but it is absolutely crucial that the children at least pretend to shed a few tears when their parents are leaving if they have any hope of ever seeing the inside of an American Girl store.  Oh and spray for rats.  They’re not cool dead or alive.


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    You know… people always say schedule regular date nights. I think that can feel forced. I love your story because you appreciated your night out.
    Let the kids be happy to be without you… because it is ok not to miss them for an evening. 🙂

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