Toothy Tuesday

Yesterday was a long day. So long that I was too tired to do the writing I had planned because I didn’t finish the dishes until almost midnight. And those were dishes from the night before even! We had my dad over for his birthday dinner and I used the fancy dishes that have to be washed by hand. I forgot that the maid isn’t scheduled for another while now. Where while = 6 lifetimes. But the dishes are so pretty.

We started the day with a trip to the Pediatric dentist for Maggie. She had $2,300 of dental work done last year on the left side of her mouth, and she is now rivalling Flavor Flav for the amount of metal in her mouth. We found what looked to be a Grand Canyon sized cavity on the right side, and made an appointment with this new dentist. Due to the fact that the other one lied to me twice, and mostly because he had that “Tom Hanks’ neighbour from the ‘Burbs” vibe going on when he confronted me about why I complained about him to our family dentist that had made the referral.  I should add that this confrontation was in the recovery cubicle while my child was still under anesthesia and I was trapped in a corner.  Time for a new dentist.  Clearly.  And possibly the witness protection program.

The visit at the new dentist went pretty well overall. But it looks like she is in for a load of metal on the right side too. We’re cancelling our cable and sitting her on top of our television set.  She should get excellent reception.

Grace came with me to the appointment and was a big help modelling for her sister, and holding the iPad. I love that she volunteers to do these things to help her twin, and is always thinking of ways to teach and help her.

After the dentist was a reward trip to McDonald’s. We had trouble finding a seat because it was filled with men sitting one to a table at the 4 and 6 person tables. The 2 person tables were all empty of course. Maybe they were all supposed to have dates but when their date found out what restaurant they were planning to wine and dine them at they had to wash their hair. With lighter fluid.

Maggie wanted to get to camp for the afternoon so we dropped her there for a couple of hours. She must like it if she was asking for it as much as she was.

After camp we all headed to the park for a bit. All 3 were tired after that. Even Grace, who never gets tired. Maggie wore her out this morning!

Maggie climbed into my lap and wanted to be cradled like a baby.  An 80 pound baby.

I came home to find this on my kitchen table that Molly had found on her walk with Nerdguy:

I asked her what she had left on the table, and when she said “nothing” I perhaps tried to beat it with my shoe.  I’m still a tad jumpy from our trip to Reptilia.

I sat down to relax for a few minutes before starting dinner, and I heard Maggie going through the kitchen cupboards. Nothing sounded particularly alarming though. It’s when you hear her race for the stairs to her room that you know she is hiding something.

I caught her with the 1kg jar of peanut butter in one arm, and the giant honey jar in the other. She had taken the lids off of both and was guzzling the honey. Guzzling!  Like a right-side-up Billy Bee keg stand.

“Gee Mrs Dentist, we have no idea why her teeth are so bad.  I blame the city water.”  Looks intently at spot on wall.

Taking the honey away only allowed her to have a free hand to claw out a big mitt-full of peanut butter Winnie the Pooh style.

Can I write off an addition to the house for a locking pantry as a medical expense? How about an in-house pharmacy then?


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    Your last dentist sounds nuts… so hopefully this one will turn out to be good. Sorry to hear she needs more metal – but at least with her picking up all the stations, you’ll save on cable, right?

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      There’s the silver…or amalgum…lining! I’m hoping it goes better this time. THeir billing is all screwy at this place though so it looks like we have to pay about a thousand of it that insurace won’t cover…but no creepy guy. I’d call that a win!

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