Garage and Guest Post Giddiness

We got our new garage door today!  And as I said on Facebook this morning, I felt more excited than the dad on A Christmas Vacation waiting for the arrival of his major award!  Nerdguy and I got up at some ridiculous hour to finish playing Garage Crap Tetris because they needed everything from the automatic opener to the door clear.  My house is now filled with scary garage stuff, which likely includes 3 generations of a mouse family and several of those hideous millipedes.  Hopefully there is a portable defibrillator as well.  For me.  Not the grampa mouse.

I would have preferred a bit of a darker taupe, but I think it will be better when I paint the trim out to match, and it’s definitely miles better than the “before”

Now that the garage is all cleaned out and closing the door no longer involves a combination of wizardry and Popeye-like brute strength, I am looking forward to parking in there this winter.  Go over and check out Kyla’s blog Mommy’s Weird to read the guest post that she generously let me write for her.  You’ll find out what I plan to park in my new garage.

Kyla and I met last year at BlissDom Canada and I cannot wait to see her again this year!!  She was one of the first people to start commenting regularly over here, and I think she was the first person that I didn’t already know to read it, so she will always have a special place in my heart.  

So go check it out, and read Kyla’s posts.  Watch her vlogs too…she is adorable when she talks.  If you have ever driven with me then maybe go directly to her posts and don’t read mine so much.  If you’re related to me you should just go ahead and shut down the computer.  That’s right…click that little log-off button and walk away.  It’s better this way.  Just trust me on this.


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