Four More Sleeps

Poking my head up to see if summer is nearly over.  Instead of my shadow I see a body outline made from peanut butter cup blizzard drippings, wet bathing suits, and empty xanax containers.  So I guess that means yes…Fall must be within spitting distance.  Not the real Fall of course, according to weather know-it-alls, but the only Fall that counts for parents…back to school.

It has been a busy and fun-but-exhausting 3 weeks.  Like the kind of tired where I could conceivably fall asleep in the middle of the sidewalk for long enough that I would wake up with a chalk outline drawn around me.  I am kind of famous for my ability to fall asleep anytime anywhere.  Doctors call it “narcolepsy.”  I call it “listening to my body.”

Maggie finished up her summer camp last week, which she really enjoyed.  We had a wonderful group of people work with her, so her first summer camp experience was a positive one.  She swam every day with the camp too so her swimming has really improved.  I was shocked to see what a little fish she had become!

We also put Molly and Grace in swimming lessons every day for 2 weeks.  It was a last-minute decision, but it was worth it seeing how much their swimming improved each day.

We did family lessons so that they would be at the same timeslot and because I wasn’t sure what level they would be at.  Now are both recommended to go into the same level as each other for the Fall, which made scheduling it easier.

Other than that, we have had playdates, about a thousand birthday parties…Christmas of 2004 must have been a good one around here because Grace had 5 parties across 3 weekends with all the August birthdays.  We went to Canada’s Wonderland one day, shopping, cleaned out the garage, rearranged Molly and Grace’s bedrooms, and cleaned them out, which required a bobcat rental.  Kidding.  Sort of.

We’ve had countless doctor and therapist appointments, and more meltdowns than we could count on all our fingers put together.

This week we went camping.  Nerdguy and Molly still are camping.  The twins and I evacuated because Grace was been sick all day yesterday.  We hit the Ontario Science Centre on Monday.  We’ve been to a bunch of movies and a reptile show.  And this week we also had our school visit so the kids could see their new classrooms.

This was a reptile show that we attended with Autism Ontario

With everything going on I have barely got the kids ready to go back to school.  We bought a bunch of supplies early on.  I have of course lost them.  And I never did buy the other half of the stuff.  I am however up to my eyeballs in Mabel’s Labels, because I was on top of that one for a change.  Of course I have nothing to put the labels on, but that’s just a technicality really.  Nerdguy thinks I’m nuts for crying because I didn’t make it to Costco to buy 9 thousand gluesticks, a backpack, and 3 snowsuits, and I haven’t found the perfect lunch system.

You don’t think I’m crazy do you?

What…you do?

Shut up!  Who asked you?  You’re probably the one who doesn’t bother getting their kid supplies so they use all my kids’ stuff up.  Get out there right now and get those supplies!!!  Go!  Now!

And hey, while you’re there, could you get me some glue sticks?


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