Summer – Week 3

I can’t believe how quickly this summer is flying by!  I feel like there is very little time to breathe, and with the weather we are having this week, breathing is a challenge…even if there were the time.  I am so incredibly grateful for air conditioning.  I am a pale and freckly mostly-Irish lass old bag so I am not in any way built for the heat.

So we have been doing things to keep cool this week.  Monday was the pool.  And night time ice cream.
I totally forgot about Maggie’s fondness for biting the bottom of the cone, until it was too late.  She discovered the joy of flicking her ice cream soaked hands in the air, and had Molly, Grace and I diving for cover under the table.  The people at the next table unfortunately don’t have our cat-like reflexes.
And chasing fireflies outside!  We haven’t seen them here before, and my pictures don’t do the green glows justice.
Grace holding a firefly
Tuesday was a mixed bag of the library, dentist, grocery store and Costco.  We were ready to drop like flies from all the in-and-out of the a/c and the heat.
The library was fun.  The girls signed up for the TD Summer Reading Club, and were helped by a very sweet librarian.  Molly told me that she is concerned about global warming, so she checked out a bunch of books on that topic, and has plans to write up a research project about it.  Oh and to solve global warming.  Hopefully her first step in that plan is remembering to shut the front door and refrain from using every light in the house.  If my curmudgeonly exclamations of “I’m not air conditioning the neighbourhood!” don’t work, maybe environmental guilt will.  The second she tries to limit my computer use though, I’m shutting her research project down faster than the Harper government.
We were treated to a reading on global warming at the local coffee house!
The dentist was my favourite part of the week!!
Of COURSE NOT!  What kind of freak do you think I am?
The dentist “accidentally” (am I the only one who is suspicious as to why accidental contains the word dental?) stabbed me in the roof of the mouth.  I think he is just annoyed that I never have any cavities.
Yesterday we went to visit one of my best friends and her kids.  We have been friends since we were 15, and I wish that I got to see more of her.  She has 2 boys who are 1 and 3 and they are just completely adorable.  It’s been awhile since I was around an itty bitty toddler, and it seems like a million years ago that we were in the stage of naps, unsteady steps, bibs and toothless grins.
In fact lately it feels like I am closer to those stages than I would like…but for me, not the kids!!  I’m 10 months away today from the big 4-0.  How did this happen????  I’ll figure it out later.  It’s almost nap time.
If you follow me on Instagram you saw the lovely cinnamon artwork that Maggie decided to do on the kitchen floor last night.  I posted it on my personal facebook page too, and judging by what people thought the brown stuff smeared all over the floor was (I can’t blame them when I see that brown lump on the floor…it is actually her sock that she decided to use as a chalk board eraser), I realized how grateful I was that it was cinnamon.  Molly even swept it up voluntarily when we got back from dance.  The kid who couldn’t even be on the main floor when it happened because the smell was too overpowering VOLUNTARILY cleaned it up.  Now that is love.  Or an angle.  Not sure which yet!



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