Saturday but Almost Sunday

It’s been a rough week around the house with behaviours, med changes, and just some yucky life crap that I can’t get into.  So what I really needed to happen was this:

The photo really doesn’t do it justice because I took it from the side.  Possibly hiding behind a tree from the neighbours.  These people call about a weed being too high, so I am quite sure that they are organizing a public hanging for this infraction.
The door has been gradually getting worse and worse.  We have had some repairs to it, but this week it just decided it was ready to throw in the towel.  Luckily it closed most of the way.  I’m too scared to fiddle with it anymore because every time we open the door it gets worse.
And now I am certainly not going to touch the controls because animals.  I am positive that there are mice in there.  Confident that there is a family of raccoons using the old stroller as a jumpy house.  And despite what nerdguy says, suspicious that a circus tiger will take up residence tonight.  Because it’s us.  And that’s what happens to us.
We’ve been calling all over (okay 2 places) and can’t seem to get a salesperson to even return our calls.  But it is possible that they could not get through while I spoke with the guy who wants to clean my ducts (what ever happened to good old fashioned heavy breathing), and the good Samaritan who calls every day to warn me that my windows computer is at risk.
Hopefully we can get a new door very soon.  Or at the very least earn some extra money from the meth lab that is likely to be setup in there by morning by random passers-by.
By last night I was quite irritable (that’s code for explosively ragey), so it was excellent timing that our wine was done!  Nerdguy went over to bottle it today, and I had a glass with dinner.  It tasted pretty good.  I’m going to assume the fiery-dragon-like reflux that I have had ever since was due to my cooking.  Always a safe bet.
So today we had a lazy day.  Maggie is exhausted by Saturdays from being at camp all week, and Molly was worn out from her computer camp.  Grace spent the day asking me every 10 to 11and a half minutes if it was time for her sleepover yet.
I did this:
It was a good book.  I just grabbed it at the library one day.  The looming return deadline is a good excuse to sit and read.

Maggie did a lot of this today:

Her favourite show at the moment on netflix is Slappy and the Stinkers.  She was laughing so hard at it today.  She’ll be off for 3 hours of speech therapy tomorrow, during which I will deny all knowledge as to why she is making farting seal noises.

She also did some vet care today.  It was a riot watching her check her animals out, and then she would take her own temperature and “look” in her ears.  Grace and Molly sat down to play with her too, which was really cute.

And then tonight Molly and I had a chance to play some travel Chinese checkers.  Which is really like 2 games in one…moving the teeny tiny magnets into place on the board is really tricky…add a buzzer and a heart condition and we could have been playing Operation, which I don’t have the nerves of steel required to play.  Along with Don’t Wake Daddy, and that horrible crocodile dental game.  When I was a child I had Operation that my parents bought at a garage sale, but the buzzer never worked.  Thinking about how jumpy I am, and my apparent flair for the dramatic, I am growing suspicious as to whether the game didn’t work when they bought it or if it was a cover-up.

Maybe it was a junior mint.


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    Ack I am so feeling your garage door pain! Ours fell off the tracks? How does this happen, and now will not close. The result, raccoons did get in over night and tear apart every single thing that has ever been within 10 feet of food. Sigh. That’s what I get for dragging my heels and not calling a repair guy!

    • says

      Brutal!! I’m assuming Maggie leaves enough food around the backyard that they haven’t even considered going in there because I find it strange that they haven’t. Have you got your door fixed yet?

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