I’m Back Baby

Lots to catch up on!!  I went to Boston at the beginning of the month to see friends and relax.  It was awesome and deserves its own post.  I’m not sure what happened since then except for maybe a brief coma.  Except instead of sleeping I was cleaning.  Constantly.  And instead of things getting cleaner, the garbage started multiplying.  And instead of my children gathering around my bedside telling stories about what I great mom I am and putting cold cloths on my forehead, they screamed at me and bit through a cereal box in a rage.

But other than that, exactly like a coma.

So I’m going to work backward and tell you about yesterday.  (Ummm, I apparently slipped into another coma because this was last week.)  I posted on Facebook last night that I wasn’t able to talk about it yet, but I am done rocking in the corner.  For now.

Yesterday morning was rough.  Maggie went into Molly’s room and tried to steal 4 littlest pet shop pets, because Maggie thinks that they ALL belong to her, and there is no convincing her otherwise.  She had those pets clenched into her iron fists, and it took 2 adults to pry them out of her hands and “escort” her out of Molly’s room.

This was all happening during that delicate time while waking Molly, which is a process akin to bomb disassembly.  It should only be done by robots, with a quarter-mile radius evacuation zone.

Even though we got everything back from Maggie, and she can’t get into Molly’s room if the door is closed with the door knob cover on the handle, we could not convince Molly that she could come out of her room for breakfast.  She insisted that she had to stay and guard her room.  What followed was a 2 hour process during which she screamed, bit right through Nerdguy’s shirt (which was perhaps a bonus because I hated that shirt), kicked me, and threw several objects at us.

Of course the screaming sets Maggie off, she refused to eat breakfast too, and crawls into my lap to rock and chant “Molly’s so sad” over and over.  I was rubbing her back to soothe her, so she started to rub my back too.  Which was sweet.  Until she tried her hand at recreational dermatology by trying to pull a mole off my back.

I finally had to leave for school with the twins and come back for Molly.  I was absolutely shocked to get home and find that she had gotten dressed, eaten 2 bowls of cereal, and brushed her hair and teeth in less than 20 minutes.  Nerdguy said that once she saw that we were actually leaving, she started frantically throwing her clothes on over her pajamas in a panic.  But then it was like a switch flipped and she calmed right down and did all her jobs independently.

It is often like that for her.  It scares me how dramatic her mood swings can be.  I finally was able to show a video of her to the doctor, and I think she understands now that we’re not just talking about a kid that is slightly grumpy sometimes.

Molly’s school concert was last night, and they had the dress rehearsal during the day.  She needed to wear her white short-sleeved shirt for both.  We don’t have a back-up.  Of course you know that means she spilled approximately an entire cow’s worth of chocolate milk all down the front of her shirt at lunch right?  We considered covering it with a large Christmas ribbon (points if you get the Friends reference) but I decided that I had just enough time to wash and dry it before we had to leave for the evening concert.

You really would think that I would know better by now.

I went to switch the load into the dryer, and found that the washer had stopped half way through the cycle and was dinging at me with the code for “clean the filter stupid.”  Which I have done somewhere in the neighbourhood of NEVER because the indicator has never said it needed it.  It involves opening a hatch at the very bottom on the front of the machine, and according to the picture, catching a thimble full of water in a large basin.  The reality is attempting to catch Niagara Falls in a container that can’t be more than an inch tall in order to fit under the lip of the machine.  This is exactly what you want to be dealing with when you have an hour before you have to leave for the concert, still have to make something for dinner, get changed, and have the cursed white shirt ready.

Finally ready we dashed out the door to the concert and got Molly there just in the nick of time.  I’ll write about that in a separate post because this is the longest post ever isn’t it?


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    That washing machine crap? Yeah. I hear you. Nothing like finding that out at the last minute.

    The other day, I had to stand and babysit it to make sure it didn’t continue going into convulsions. Nevermind I had it overloaded to the gills.

    THAT is not the point.


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