With a Quack Quack Here…

On Friday as we were coming out of the house for school, I heard an enormous amount of quacking.  After asking Grace if it was her quacking, taking in her eye rolling, and apologizing for the grave injustice of the question, I realized there was a duck fight going down across the street.

iPhone in hand I ran across the street to film it help them.  There were 2 male mallards and a female having a scuffle, and a third male watching.  I alternated yelling out “Are they mating or fighting?” with scanning for a fifth duck that might be holding a video camera.  If this was becoming a new duck porn filming location, this was going to seriously reduce our property value.

Finally 2 of the males (the lookie-loo and the harasser) were scared off by my moustache dirty look, and flew away.  The duck couple left behind were adorable waddling around quacking at us. I still don’t know exactly what was happening here…if they were defending a nest or if my kids just got the live show version of the birds and the bees lesson.

Or possibly we were one paternity announcement short of being the Jerry Springer Show with ducks.

The ducks were missing all their teeth.  But I couldn’t see any visible tramp stamp on the girl or saggy shorts on the boys, so they weren’t quite ready for daytime television.

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