Wardrobe Malfunctions

We are having beautiful weather here in my part of Ontario.  But it’s that weather where it is a little chilly for shorts in the morning still.  And with Maggie you can’t make a premature switch into less clothing.  That is a recipe for disaster.  One day without a jacket in early Spring, and you’ll be lucky to get that thing back on her before Christmas.  Give her an inch and she’ll take 10 miles.

So I sent her to school in pants.
My mistake was in picking her up with her sisters both wearing shorts, and not having any shorts for Maggie.  The second she saw Grace she started taking off her pants.
In the foyer of the school.
This is one of those moments when I am thankful that we are at her autism program, because these parents don’t bat an eyelash at this kind of thing.  They’ve been there.  Done that.  Got the blue puzzle-piece T-shirt.
I had promised Molly we could stay and look for frogs outside, but Maggie wanted her pants to die.
We were in a jam.
So I first-thened it.  First you give your sister your shorts, and then we get to look for frogs.  I’m quite sure this isn’t what they meant in the training course, but it saved the day.
Sisters steal each other’s clothes all the time.  Perhaps not while they are already wearing them…but I’m an only child…what do I know?

So that was wardrobe malfunction number one.
Number two was when I made the mistake of trying to look nice.  I should just give up really.  And I am sure that most people who see me in public would be surprised to learn that my regular appearance isn’t the result of having already given up.
I had on one of those flowy cardigan-like tops that are really long in the front, and conducive to nothing in the way of housework.  So I took it off while I was loading the dishwasher, and just had my tank top on.  The look is ruined if the entire bottom of the top is soaked in marinara sauce and left-over cereal milk.  When it was time to run the girls out to their extra-curricular I threw it back on to race them over.  I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get those stupid plastic straps that are meant for hanging it up to stay inside the top, so I kept fighting with them the whole way through the parking lot.
Yeah…the straps are pretty hard to conceal….when you are wearing your shirt inside-out!
Inside-out day is only cute in kindergarten.  When you’re ..ahem…”mature” wearing your clothes inside-out puts you on several watch lists.


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