Pioneer Panic

The title doesn’t make any sense.  But I just fell asleep in front of my computer 5 minutes ago trying to think of one.  So we’re going with it.  Before I nod off again.

It’s been another busy week here.  We enjoyed Victoria Day fireworks with some friends.  They all live on our street but on the part that has a lot of kids.  And nice people.  So we crashed (by invitation) their party.  It was really nice to be able to see fireworks with the kids without having to fight our way through crowds, and risk one of the kids being too scared to stay.  All 3 kids had a lot of fun, but Maggie in particular was in heaven.  The delight of the visual stimulation overrode the loud noises that have sometimes bothered her in the past.  One of the kids that was there is so sweet with Maggie, and always takes her under her wing.  She was rubbing her back and hanging out with her talking to her.  It was nice.  That girl’s older sister gets along well with Molly and they haven’t seen each other in awhile, and one of Grace’s old kindie friends was there too, so it was cool that each of the girls had a friend to chill with on their own.

Monday was yard work day.  Nerdguy worked hard cutting the grass and giving my new weedwacker a workout.  Then I just started pulling out shrubs that have been bugging me for years.  I got excited about having a nice looking yard.

And then I got tired.  And allergic.  And I was over it.  Besides, a tidy yard would just be misleading about what the inside of the house looks like.  And I’m nothing if  not authentic.

Fake names aside.

The rest of the weekend was spent nagging gently reminding (eleven million times) Molly to finish her pioneers project.  I told her just to write about the month we lived without a microwave, or our camping trip, but apparently I’m “spoiled” and “delusional.”

She made people out of clay, used an electric candle for the fire, and made a water barrel out of an apple sauce container.   She is very creative.  It’s getting her to focus and get it done that is the challenge.  Which is difficult to do when I have trouble with that very same thing.

I think the majority of the week was spent doing laundry.  I swear there is an entire village somewhere sneaking their dirty duds into the house.  I was sorting the kids’ clothes and found this shirt in the pile.

I thought it was a very realistic depiction of roller skating with the bloody knees and all.  Except it’s really jam or Popsicle.  This shirt is bugging me now that I am noticing that she isn’t wearing any safety gear.  Questionable practice at the best of times, but downright asking for trouble if she is going to be listening to music and closing her eyes.  And possibly passing gas, by the skid marks behind her.  Now it’s getting very close to what I look like when exercising.

I’ll have more to tell you tomorrow.  You’ll all be relieved to hear that Brownies is drawing to a close.  Be sure to wait by your computer/phone/international space station for an update on that.

In the meantime I am heading to bed.  Once this panic about how much I have to do passes.  I am going to try to breathe in and out of a paper bag.  That has a bottle of wine inside it.


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