Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is somewhat exhausting.  I think we’re all on the same page there right?  But I am feeling pretty lucky though too.  I was showered with beautiful cards and gifts made by my children, a loving and funny card from my husband, and beautiful flowers and earrings from all of them.  And lots of snuggles.  Love the snuggles.

And wine.

Oh the wine.

And of course, the traditional Mother’s Day gift that moms around the world eagerly anticipate each year….

……a weedwacker.

My husband is nothing if not unconventional.

The good news is that it is not for me to use, but since I am somewhat particular about having a nice lawn, he bought a better trimmer so that he can keep the grass trimmed the way I like it.

Why does it sound like I am talking about personal grooming here?

Stop thinking about that.

Look over there!

Back to Mother’s Day.

Yesterday we drove out to see Nerdguy’s family.  We visited with his mom, and took her out to dinner with his sister and her family.  We had a reservation, at an early time, at a family-friendly restaurant.

All the bases covered right?

Except for the secret carnival option.  Those things like to pop up randomly from time to time just to screw us over.  We weren’t counting on driving past a carnival on the way to the restaurant.

Classic rookie mistake.

There was a good deal of screaming  and thrashing about the carnival once we got to the restaurant.  So I got out the ipad to try to calm her.  She wanted wifi.  More screaming.  A 10 minute meltdown in the vestibule, with floor pounding and kicking.  I secretly hoped she would kick open the ATM.  I probably would have made a run for it with her and the cash.  And bought a carnival.  Or paid the carnivals to go away and stay away.  I’d decide on the way.  Back at the table I pulled out her beloved Dora books that I had packed.  Handed one to her.

It was Dora’s Carnival.


More screaming.  Then chocolate milk.  Best invention ever.

I spent most of the dinner rubbing her back and not hearing anything that anyone said, but I ate pizza.  And chocolate deliciousness.  So it was okay.  Maggie had ice cream.  We danced in the bathroom.  She thought it was okay too.

This morning Nerdguy and Grace went out and got McDonald’s breakfast and Tim Horton’s coffee.


I vacuumed.  Something was in the beater bar when I turned the central vac on.  Now the vacuum doesn’t work because something is stuck in the pipes.

Sweeping carpet is harder than you would think.

Hubby barbecued steaks for us, my mom, and her “friend.”  Steak goooooodddddd.  The kids acted like delinquents.  But there was more wine.  And lemon cake.  And hugs and kisses from my kids.  And now there is quiet.  And dishes.  And Lost on netflix.

And always there is love.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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