Gymnastics and Dance

This week I took Molly and Maggie to a girls night out that our local autism support chapter was holding.  They brought in 2 dance teachers who also work with kids with special needs.  The girls had an absolute blast.  It was so cute watching them dance with other girls.  We probably should have warned them that if you dance in a circle, holding hands, Maggie is going to assume that you are playing ring around the rosie.  You WILL get yanked to the ground.  Luckily Molly was beside her and she was a good sport about it.

I am always so much more relaxed at autism events, where I don’t feel like I am going to have to answer a thousand questions about why my kids are acting a certain way.  Feeling relaxed is nice.  Plus the parents had a chance to chat and trade tips.

Nerdguy got to go and watch Grace’s gymnastics class because it was happening at the same time, and usually I take her.  She was happy to show off skills, and he was impressed watching her.

Grace took the middle swing down from the swingset by hanging from the top bar by one hand and using the other hand to unhook the swing.  This was the process of putting it back up:

Up the side, onto the swing on the right that she made shorter by wrapping it around, hooked the chain, and over to test her work.  She had put the first chain up using the same one-handed hanging method that she used for removing the swing.

This kid is never going to let being shorter than the other kids stop her!!

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