Call Me Maybe? But I Won’t Hear You

On Tuesday I posted this status on Facebook:

What I forgot to mention is that I totally ruined it by saying “BLESS you for calling me Miss and not Ma’am.”  I might as well have called the UPS guy Sonny and handed him a shiny nickel.

I was hoping that I would get an iPhone 5 for my birthday, because my 3gs is 4 years old and feels remotely like it might catch fire at any moment.  And I spend most of my free time scanning rooms for available outlets to charge the sad, worn-out battery.  It has gotten very slow, and the camera is awful.

First world problems I know.  Really I know.  But I do this thing where I focus on petty problems, and it distracts me from actual problems that I can’t control.  Don’t worry…I minored in psychology…I’ve already diagnosed myself.

I had made it known that I would really love a new phone, but also told Nerdguy that I completely understand if it is too expensive.  So I didn’t really know if I would be getting a new one or not.  Except he’s been asking me a lot of questions about what colour I want etc., so I was either getting a phone, or he was getting a frying pan to the head for being cruel.

When the package arrived I was excited, but also still vaguely concerned that it was an attachment for the weedwacker.

Nerdguy couldn’t wait until my birthday on Saturday to give me the phone…he gave it to me today so that I could have it all set up in time for turning one hundred 29 (with a +/- 10 year error correction).

Yay…it really was a phone!!!  He helped me transfer over my email and calendar and get everything setup properly.  I don’t know why I find itunes so confusing.  I ran my accounting office’s network, but I can’t use itunes?  Is it confusing?  Is it me?  It’s me isn’t it?  Crap.

We hit a slight glitch when we discovered that the speakers don’t work.  Booooo.  Even the apple dudes that Nerdguy tried to chat with gave up.  So I have made myself an appointment at the genius bar tomorrow.  If it doesn’t go well, then I will be headed to the kind of bar that doesn’t require appointments.  Especially with a looming LCBO strike (that’s where they sell the liquor in Ontario).  I never paid attention in history class.  Did prohibition end well?  I think I need to watch M*A*S*H reruns to learn how to make my own still.

Wish me luck tomorrow!  And I would love it if you shared my facebook page with your friends.  In a good way.  Not like how those mean kids passed my diary around.  Last week.


  1. says

    *snort* I love your labels.

    I’m still waiting for my anniversary present. My anniversary was on May 8th. Husband assures me that there is something coming. But also that he doesn’t know when it will get here, how big it is, or what colour it might be. I think he went shopping at the made up gift store. An iPhone is way better – yay for Nerdguy! 🙂

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