The Motivational Poster That Wasn’t

I bought this canvas because I liked the sayings on it, and I thought it would inspire me if I hung it in the dining room where I do my writing.

It’s been sitting like this on the floor:

For a YEAR.

In front of the vent cover that won’t stay attached to the wall.

For 11 years.

Maybe I need a second motivational poster.

One that has something in it about home repairs.

Or even better – a motivational T-shirt.

Worn by a handyman.


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    Do you keep telling yourself you’re gonna put it up? I would walk past it every day and say oh I should do that thing – we all have that thing. Mine was dusting the ceiling fan which I finally did, it looks naked now.

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    My motivational poster is a multi-picture frame that’s supposed to be filled with family portraits that we never got around to taking. Other than that, the picture is the same. 😉

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    I feel your lack of motivation. I have been in my home for 9years and the living room remains unpainted, the hole in the ceiling is still there and the list grows on…if you find that handy man send him south!

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