Girl Guide Camp – Day 5

As I mentioned in my previous post, Day 5 started off in a rush since I slept through my alarm. I woke up at 7:35. We got ready evacuation-style…Gangnam Style’s lesser known dance style. Heeeyyy sleepy lady…get your snow pants on….

It’ll catch on.  I’m sure of it.

After finally making it to breakfast…the Mom and Me group were all running late today…we had an outdoor camp-wide challenge against the other kids. We earned points in various challenges such as flinging a winter boot with a snow shovel, building a shelter, and shrinking island.

And that’s when the power went out.

In the country that means that the toilets are out too.

The final challenge of the camp was almost “Let’s see who can evacuate to the Hilton the fastest.”  The young campers didn’t have a chance against us on that one since they need their parents to drive them places.

I had my car keys in the ready position until I heard that the outage affected 300,000 people. I’m not driving that far without a coffee drive-thru. At least if I stayed put they would know how to make coffee in desperate times.

In a brilliant twist of fate, they had a lunch of hot dogs cooked over the campfire already planned, that made them look like problem-solving pioneers.  This was an amazing example to the kids about making lemonade with lemons.  Or making carcinogens with fire and tubes of questionable meat.  TomAto tomAHto.  It also virtually guarantees that the next time we lose power, the kids will be lighting our backyard on fire in the name of lunch.

Thankfully they had oodles of boiled hot dogs inside because food that is held 3 feet above the flame in the dead of winter tends to take approximately 11 billion years to cook.  While simultaneously charring to the point that my children refuse to eat them.

Ditto for s’mores.  I roasted my marshmallows to a perfect golden colour.  Grace disintegrated hers.  Guess which one she ate?

Next the kids went inside for face painting and games while the moms went back in the lodge for arts and crafts time.  I sat down for the watercolour instruction.  I don’t think I’ll be getting that badge either.  There is also a very slim chance of me getting the Good Sport badge after my “outburst” when my painting wasn’t going well.  It turns out that I find painting as relaxing as yoga.

My friends thought my red canoes were a campfire.  They’re now dead to me. 
Hint: this one is not my painting.  And if you could see the building to the right, the photo and my painting would be identical.

Maple snowcones and face painting.  Grace is a butterfly and Molly is a frog.

After dinner we had an indoor campfire with a lot of great songs that I had trouble keeping up with.  Singing ABCs, Baa Baa Black Sheep and Twinkle Twinkle all at the same time in rounds blew my ADHD mind!

Finally, we had our night hike, and it was a perfect night for it with a gorgeous sky full of stars.  It was truly breathtaking.  And then we ate fireflies.

Not really, but when you bite a wintergreen lifesaver in the dark forest, it sparks like a firefly.

And it does make a sound.  The sound of children whining about being tricked into eating a mint.

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      I just don’t write about all the yelling I did trying to get Molly moving. I think everyone around would disagree about me being a nice mom! Plus I didn’t have to cook or clean for 5 days…winning!!

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