Girl Guide Camp – Day 4

I’m writing Wednesday’s recap late on Thursday night, and since each day here seems to pack in about 6 days worth of activities, I’m having a bit of trouble remembering what happened yesterday. Either that or the sparking lifesaver has affected my memory. You’ll have to read Day 5’s recap to understand that one. If I can remember.

After breakfast at our chalet we headed to the longhouse for a game of mother-daughter broom ball. Most of us had not played before, and I guess you would usually play outside on ice, but we played inside. It was a lot of fun! We also learned that our kids are not above tripping and whacking us in the ankle with the stick. I’m not sure on what page of the Brownies manual that is covered.

Next up was the low ropes course. There were 2 types for us to try, and it was very entertaining trying to keep our balance. The first type involved walking along a tightrope while using a higher rope for balance. The second type had us pairing up with a similar sized partner, and facing each other we had to see how far along the tightropes we could move. The 2 ropes gradually spread further apart, in a V as you moved further along, and we were to steady ourselves by pressing our hands against our partner’s hands. It all looked very similar to when Nerdguy would walk me home from the bar and I turned into jelly legs.

After lunch we boarded a school bus and headed to the Canada Summit Centre that was built for the G8 Summit. We went swimming and ice skating. We declared the hot tub to be the Mom Pool, and had a nice soak of our aching muscles.

Skating was an adventure as we hadn’t been in 2 years. Molly and I had a collision but saved ourselves by doing a big bear hug. Luckily she was much more receptive to that than the random stranger was the last time I went skating.

Exhausted we came back to camp, ate dinner and had a bit of downtime to hang out and chat. It was nice to have some time to sit after such a busy day. I apparently stayed up way past my bedtime though since I slept right through my alarm today.

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