Girl Guide Camp – Day 3

Day 3 wore me out so much that I couldn’t even manage to write about it last night. I went to bed before 10:30, which I only do at home if I have one in a list of five diseases. Or avoiding the dishes.

I went on THREE hikes yesterday! If the number of hikes corresponds to the day number of camp, this will be the last thing that I write…because I will be dead. I should probably put someone in charge of burning this blog just…as a precaution.

The day started off with me finally visiting the showers. The showers are individual but the room where you hang your towel and keep your clothes is not. So showering at 6 in the morning is necessary for someone who even changes in the bathroom in their own home. After 3 attempts to get hot water from one of the showers I had success. I also said a prayer of thanks that I don’t have to actually find water while we are camping, given that I can apparently barely manage an indoor plumbing system.

We had an early breakfast after that, and then we all went on a chickadee walk. We looked for animal tracks and compared them to the animal track sheets that our leader gave us. Grace was disappointed that she didn’t find any weasel prints. I was just happy that we didn’t see any bear tracks. The coyote prints were enough for me. At the end of our walk we tried to feed the chickadees, but there were no takers.

After snack we got to modge podge fabric onto pots, which was very fun and relaxing. Especially the part where you get to sit and peel dried glue off of your hands. Add some ditto-sniffing and it would have been just like elementary school in the eighties.

After lunch the moms got to learn how to snowshoe and go on a big hike. It was much harder than I originally expected it to be. Of course I naively thought we would be shuffling along flat ground, not scaling mountains at the edge of a mostly-thawed lake. Mountains may be a slight exaggeration…but only slightly. A few people fell and we thought we were going to lose at least one into the lake below. But we all made it back in one piece. It was really a lot of fun once I got the hang of it.

The moms got back early for snack, and this is what was there to greet us:

It was fun sitting and eating junk food with the other moms while we waited for the kids to get back from their games.

After snack the kids got a chance to try snowshoeing. And I got a chance to play the role of mean mom who lets their kid scream and cry because she wouldn’t listen, and didn’t like the snowshoes she ended up with.

It got ugly.

And then it got better.

Both kids did really well on the snowshoes! I was just walking, and fell on my face when my foot fell through the deep snow. Molly was laughing so hard that she fell over too.

After dinner I was very excited to crawl into my pjs and relax.

That’s when I heard about the night hike.

And promptly registered for the witness relocation program.

Luckily we had a vote and decided to postpone that to another night. We had a pajama fashion show for the kids that one of the other moms organized. And the camp leader added a twist that the kids also had to dress the moms in as many layers of clothes as they could in 3 minutes. The winners got to paint all over the camp counselor’s face and arms.

It was a tiring day, but another fun day at camp. I’m missing Nerdguy and Maggie though. She had her first day of camp today and I guess being told she was going to day camp wasn’t exactly the “camping” that she has been asking for. And she has started telling everyone “Mommy’s gone”.

One kid having a giant meltdown, another crying because she was jealous that I was with the meltdown kid too much, and the third declaring that I am gone…tough PR for mom yesterday.

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    I think you get mom of the year. I also think Nerdguy set you up. He got the easy 3-day with only one girl and sent you out into nature. 🙂

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