Girl Guide Camp – Day 2

Wow, what a packed day! I think I might secretly be on Survivor. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for Jeff Probst. It also seems particularly cruel that they fill me with the 2 cases of cookies that we accidentally ate instead of sold, and then expect me to be able to hike up icy hills.

Today started out with breakfast at the lodge, and then we painted the sap buckets that they use here to collect sap from the maple trees.

After we were finished those we went out in the pouring rain to learn how to tap the trees. It was quite a hike, and we were drenched by the time we got inside to play some games. Hot soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, and salad was a very welcomed lunch.

After lunch we were supposed to have a half hour of chill time before afternoon programming, but we dawdled too long eating our fudgsicles, so we had to rush back for dry clothes and get back to the lodge. This did not sit well with Molly. I tried talking to her about how she should take in all the experiences that she can while we are here…you can laze around at home! That wasn’t working. So I asked if she could opt out of it, and that’s when she sprung to life.

The moms had the choice of doing a photography hike or having free time. A hot shower, a nap, or reading were calling to me with the same volume of chocolate or fried cheese. But after all my big talk about joining in on the experiences, I had painted myself into a neat little corner hadn’t I?

Grudgingly I put back on the soaking rain pants that I had removed only 5 minutes earlier. But I was so glad I went! We went in an icy tunnel that runs under the road; hiked up to the lookout where a heritage house is; saw fox prints and a tree that had been snacked on by a beaver or a porcupine; and laughed myself silly running in the deep snow. That was like one of those agility tests in and out of the tires. I may have signed up for the firefighter academy without realizing it.

After all of that we met up with the kids for snack and a choice of activities. Molly and I did bracelet making. My gimp bracelet turned out to be the length of my thumb.

I don’t think I’m getting my bracelet badge.

Grace went to yoga with another mom and enjoyed that.

After dinner we had an auction. The leader gave each family monopoly money to bid on items. My girls spent close to $2,000 on 2 pylons, 4 aluminum pie plates, 1 glove, 2 used plastic pop bottles and a bunch of paper water cone cups.

I learned 3 things from their frantic throwing of cash:

1) My kids love garbage.

2) They have no idea what the value of a hard-earned monopoly dollar is.

3) I have to keep my credit cards away from Grace.

After the auction we found out that there was a purpose to the items we bought. We had to build an egg holder to protect the egg when it was dropped from the upstairs balcony.

I wanted to call Nerdguy the engineer to get advice. Not very “girl power” of me.

We figured something out in the end…the egg went in the glove, then inside the paper cones, all into the plastic cone, with a pie plate wrapped around it. We made a parachute out of another pie plate and the tape that everyone got.

We had success and our egg survived!!!!

And now it’s time for bed because it starts all over again tomorrow!

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