Girl Guide Camp – Day 1

I always wanted to be a Brownie when I was a kid. Mostly for the super cool brown dress with the attached pencil and change purse. And the badges of course. Who wouldn’t want the badges?

Now camp…that is not something I ever had ANY desire to be sent away to.

But here I sit…30 some-odd years past the time that I was eligible to be a brownie…typing away on the bottom bunk…at Girl Guide Camp. There’s no change purse, and instead of a pencil, I carry an iPhone, but for the next 5 days I get to experience the full Brownie experience.

I admit I was talked into the idea. When I first got the email about Mom and Me Camp I laughed in my computer’s face at the ludicrous idea. And then a second email came in from one of Grace’s friend’s moms suggesting that a bunch of us sign up. So I immediately ran to Nerdguy to discuss whether or not she had hit her head. Of course he turned on me and said it was a fantastic idea and that I should book it.

Could they BOTH have hit their heads in the SAME day?

Seemed unlikely.

So I booked it.

And today Molly, Grace and I packed up and set off for camp. Maggie and Nerdguy stayed at home. I felt very sad when Maggie kept talking about camping and trying to pack her things with ours.

In the course of 5 minutes, Maggie stole Grace’s sleeping bag and set it up in her room. She looks quite please with herself!

We got here in the late afternoon and had a big dinner down at the lodge, which was delicious. They have one person at each table be the “jumper” and they take care of all the fetching and clean-up. It’s amazing how being assigned a special name in a group environment makes them eager to pitch in!

After that it was back to the cabin for some ice breaker games to get to know the other 9 families, which was a lot of fun.

Molly is very over-excited the past couple of days, and I don’t think that an elephant tranquilizer would even make her blink. I am hoping she gets to sleep soon so that we can be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for an 8am breakfast and maple-syrup collecting in the morning. If she doesn’t settle down soon I may be tapping the oak trees to see if wine comes out.

You can read about Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, and Day 5 but not about Day 6.

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