Dear Easter Bunny

Molly asked me today if she could write the Easter Bunny an email.  I asked her why she wanted to send one.  She said that she wanted to ask him to not bring any gummy type candy that would pull out Maggie’s dental work.
Maggie has $2,300 worth of metal in her mouth, including a spacer and some caps, and we don’t let her have anything that could pull those out, since it would involve sedation.  Of her and me.  
Molly gets very stressed out about it all.  Maggie had been in the door for a grand total of 30 seconds on Thursday when she grabbed a chair and stole Grace’s box of Mike & Ike’s from on top of the pantry.  Molly was in level 9 hysteria.
So Molly sat down today to write her letter.  I just found it now when I sat down at my computer:

 Dear, Easter Bunny
It’s Yellow Hop Hop’s birthday tomorrow. So I was wondering if you could bring a little something for him too. If it is possible can you make me feel better because I am not feeling so well.                                                       
                                                                                                                                                                                             Love Molly         

She forgot to mention the candies, so I am sure that she will be awake sometime around 3am when that occurs to her.  I did tell her earlier that the Easter Bunny probably already knows, so hopefully that will help.
But how cute is her letter?  She figured out how to send it, put in the hearts, and change the colour all on her own.  And I really hope that he brings her wish of feeling better because she has had more than her fair share of being sick for holidays.
This is from Easter 2010, and that is Molly’s beloved Yellow Hop Hop sitting in her lap.
Happy Easter to all of you!  I’m off to vacuum like a mad woman and figure out a present for a Yellow Hop Hop.  What do you get for a stuffed animal who has everything?


  1. says

    Oh no – I am probably too late…. but a pretty yellow or pink ribbon to tie around his ears!

    Happy Easter to you and your sweet family!

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