Tara vs The Bundle Buggy

There’s something you may not know about me.

I am not mechanically inclined.

Or even able to perform simple tasks without causing my insurance premiums to skyrocket.

Okay.  So you did know that.  Just play along, would you?

When I was at my relative’s condo this weekend packing up some of her belongings to take to the hospital, I decided to use her handy-dandy bundle buggy to carry everything down to my car.  And rather than take it back up with me, I planned to fold it up as nice as can be and stow it in the minivan.

Does anyone else think this looks like a crime scene photo?  No?  So just me then.  

I can fold a triple stroller or collapse a playpen AND get it in the carry-bag in my sleep.  So this should be simple right?

After 10 minutes of jiggling, rattling and kicking…all under the watchful eyes of the security cameras and a group of hooligans seniors…I gave up, rearranged everything in the van to make room for the cart, and heaved the rusty old beast (and the bundle buggy) into the van.

Of course that’s when it decided to fold up.

Just shoved it in there and it folded like a cheap suit.  Or like me when there is chocolate in the house.

Since I already spend quite a bit of time complaining about my aching joints and young whippersnappers with their loud music, I had best figure out how to use that cart tout de suite (that’s French for right away…see how I went all educational on you there…and my French teacher didn’t believe in me)!

Now get off my lawn!!!!


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