Lucky 13

Today is Nerdguy’s and my wedding anniversary.  13 years!  Anyone with worse luck than us would be nervous about that number.  But when have we ever had bad luck?

You can stop laughing now.

Nerdguy and I met my first week of university…he was the older man hitting on the new girl nice guy down the hall in residence.  Our first date was a potential Criminal Minds episode if it had turned out that he was a psychopath, because it seemed that I didn’t have quite the street smarts that I thought I did.  Copious amounts of Labatt Blue will do that I suppose.  It started with a whole bunch of us hanging out in someone’s room, and drunken Tara yelling out “Let’s go to a bar!!”  I meant let’s all go to a bar.  But the next thing I knew, it was just the two of us leaving and stumbling across a dark campus that I hadn’t quite figured out yet.  Even being led past a nuclear reactor didn’t make me nervous though because I was that drunk I must have known it was meant to be.

We found the bar.  He brought me home in one piece…not in several pieces scattered around the campus.  I have GOT to stop watching crime shows.  It was all very somewhat respectable.  After that we were together pretty much all of the time and I think we both always knew we would be together forever.  It’s been almost 20 years now, which is more than half my life.  (If I were mean-spirited and petty I would point out that it is half of his life.  Oh wait…I am those things!)  I would say that we have accomplished quite a lot in our time together so far, and I can’t wait to see how the next 60 years turn out.  But good grief…shoot me if I live to be 100…I can’t imagine what my joints will sound like by then!

We aren’t doing much to celebrate our anniversary…he is in a phone meeting tonight and I typed up minutes after putting the animals children to bed.  We did go out for a delicious lunch at Milestones yesterday though.  Mmmm I love their Butternut Squash Ravioli.

This morning was such a shitstorm (to borrow a term from the Second City show that we saw in Toronto a couple of weeks ago) that I was having trouble remembering how we got from this morning 13 years ago to now.

Then:  Nerdguy told me he wanted to be with me forever.
Today:  My eldest child yelled “You’re mean” at the top of her lungs in my driveway.

Then:  I wore a flowing white gown with carefully curled hair and a sparkly veil.
Today:  I have not showered and I am wearing pajamas with chocolate stains all over the front.  I wore a toque outside.

Then:  I was carefully escorted to a fancy car and chauffeured door to door.
Today:  I dragged Maggie kicking and screaming to my filthy minivan that looks like squatters have been living in it, parked a 5 minute walk from the school, yelling “Get OUT of the car” 9 times before physically bulldozing her to the building.

Then:  I dined on Prime Rib.
Today:  I ate questionable leftovers.

Then:  I had all new dishes and linens, and clean carpets.
Today:  Virtually all of that has been vomited on at one time or another.

Then:  I was leaving for Mexico the next day.
Today:  I am leaving for Mexico the next day.

A girl can dream right?

Then:  I was happy.
Today:  I am happier than any person has a right to be, with my amazing husband and 3 incredible daughters.

Thank you Nerdguy for the best gift you could ever give me – your love.  For my birthday though I want a new iPhone.  xo


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    Happy Anniversary! I had someone say to me once that your wedding day is the happiest day of your life. I called “bullshit” when they said that and replied, if it’s the happiest day, WtheF would I keep going?
    My days get happier and happier with every year! We are also on Year 13 . . . here’s hoping it IS the good luck year!

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    Congrats on surviving 20 years (yes, I think we should get credit for the dating years–we put our time in after all). I laughed out loud at the mini-van comment, by the way 🙂

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