Lalaloopsies Go Shopping

Today was the big day that Grace got to take her splint off.  She was so excited about it that she could hardly sleep last night.  She still has to be careful, with at least 2 more weeks of no gym ahead of her.  And despite what the doctor at the children’s hospital said, I do plan to take her for a follow-up.  Her wrist was sore if she did that flexing movement of standing with her hands on her hips, and I don’t know if that is just from not being used or if it is still not healed.  The doctor told us that she shouldn’t keep the splint on for longer than the 3 weeks because he doesn’t want it stiffening up from immobility either.  So we are taking it slowly, and I’ll take her to our family doctor next week to have a look.

The girls got Toys R Us gift cards from their aunt and uncle for their birthdays, so they were very excited to spend them.  Something about holes burning in pockets I think.  Maggie asks every day “Lalaloopsies go shopping?” so she practically did a back-flip when we said yes.

The actual act of shopping felt like the equivalent of doing a back-flip to me.

Maggie either doesn’t get the concept of “Pick one thing” or she pretends that she doesn’t.  She’s crafty like that.  And I don’t know how to get her to pick the one thing she wants without triggering a security alert.  I’m weak and stupid like that.

I told her to pick one thing.  She put 4 things in the cart.

Close enough.

This is the point where I hope that none of her teachers read my blog.  Actually that point came long before this didn’t it?  But I don’t need them to know what a pushover I really am.

I phoned Nerdguy from the store to see how much she has in her bank account, and he said to let her get what she wanted because they really do bring her joy, and she misses out on a lot of other things like Brownies, birthday parties, gymnastics  and other outings that her sisters are bleeding us dry for spend money on.  So we’re blaming him now.  Agreed?

Grace bought this:

This is for her Journey Girls which she loves playing with.  Journey Girls are TRU’s version of American Girls.  Except that we can afford these ones.  I’m not sure if American Girls are bionic dolls or gold-plated or what, but I was so happy when a friend told me about these more affordable dolls.

I think that she is excited to be the doctor instead of the patient!  Now I am just waiting for her to point out that the kit doesn’t have a splint & bandage option.


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