Candy Crushing Cold

I’ve got a cold this week, and it seems that I am a whiny baby, and quite unproductive all the time when I am sick.  Instead of resting by getting more sleep, I have accepted the laziness challenge with all the gusto that I accept a plate of nachos sent to my table.  Not that this has ever happened.  But should you ever be considering sending me a plate of nachos…I just want it known that they would be readily accepted.  Why isn’t that a common convention?  I guess giving someone coronary artery disease via cheese consumption isn’t really what they mean by “the way to her heart.”

I’m heavily dosed on Tylenol Cold & Sinus.  Just in case that isn’t glaringly obvious.

I also announced that fact during Maggie’s transition meeting at the school yesterday.  Because I figured a meeting with 9 school officials is an excellent time to explain why my head is fuzzy and I can’t put words together.  I was worried that they would think I was day-drinking.  I’m sure they were relieved to learn that is was simply over-the counter drug use.

Or they’re building a file.

Back to my point.  I have discovered something worse than any recreational drug.

Candy Crush Saga on Facebook.

I officially hate all of you who were already playing this game and lured me in.

I’m pressing charges.

You would also think that I should know better.  Isn’t luring with candy Stranger Danger 101 type stuff?  Doesn’t any toddler know that these days?  Next I’ll be helping someone “find their puppy.”

Now I am hooked.  And I also suck at it so I run out of lives, and get taunted by this:

That’s actually my heart crying from too much cheese.

I keep running out of lives, so I have to beg friends for them.  It’s only a matter of time before I am rifling through their medicine cabinets.

Last night after I finally surrendered to the evil that is Facebook games, I headed to bed and found this sweet note left on my pillow by Molly.

She also had made my bed because I guess the maid forgot to every that morning.  She really does have a kind heart, and she loves making get well cards, and taking care of anyone in the family that isn’t feeling well.

I was sure to have sweet dreams after that.

Or nightmares about exploding pieces of candy.


Now, speaking of candy…gotta go see if I have any more lives to use.  But I can totally stop anytime I want.


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      Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your comment. I would make up some lame excuse…but I think we all know what I was really doing…this game is ruining my life! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!

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