9 Years Ago Today

I finally dragged myself to the doctor today after 2 weeks of hacking and torturing of germaphobes.  I still wouldn’t have gone if it weren’t for Grace coming home from a friend’s house with an ear ache, and screaming like I have rarely heard from her.  This is the girl who finished a gymnastics class with a broken wrist, so when she is screaming in pain, you know it’s time to haul ass to the clinic before it closes.

Of course, as these things go, she was fine when we walked into the building.  Diagnosis:  ear wax.

I apparently have a viral infection, and need to wait it out.  Which is doctor code for “Suck it up you drug-seeking wimp.”  I am pretty sure that he prescribed pinot grigio.   That’s what I heard anyway.  No wax in these ears.

Plus tonight I am feeling sentimental, and reflecting back on this night 9 years ago, when I wasn’t feeling well, and made myself a bowl of soup.

That had a fly in it.

Consider it an early indicator that my life was about to become one continuous episode of Sesame Street.

I was in early labour with Molly, and all I wanted was lipton instant soup.  The fly was devastating at the time, but really was just the first in a long line of substandard meals to come.

Note to readers:  If you have not yet delivered a child, but intend to do so in the future, skip the next bits.  You’ll thank me.

A Christmas wreath and a half-assembled baby swing while in early labour.  Clearly we couldn’t have been less prepared.

Our firstborn baby girl came into the world angrier than John Baird about…well everything.

Of course, you would be angry too after a long day of labour, with a 3 hour layover in my never-to-recover birth canal and a forceps extraction.  She was rocking the conehead for quite awhile, but when the hospital staff would comment on it we felt very offended, because we honestly couldn’t see it.

New parents are stupid that way.

Big yawn after an exhausting day.

We both had fevers when she was born, and she had one for her first birthday party.  This year I have one.  Luckily it is less bothersome when I am not trying to push a person out of my body.  

She was a very easy baby, and has turned into a remarkable 9 year old who has an unquenchable curiosity and sensitive soul.  She is wise well beyond her years, and loving and protective of our family and of nature.  We are blessed to have her in our lives, and excited to help her celebrate her birthday tomorrow.

Sweet girl is growing up too fast.


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