Today is one of those days that I cleaned and organized.  You know what that means right?

The house is messier than ever.

Why is that?

Timmies is the only thing holding my head up tonight.  French Vanilla Cappuccino.  Yum.

Dropped the monkeys off at school this morning after one of our famous dashes out the door 10 minutes late.  I swear school could start at 4 in the afternoon and we would still be late.  In the interest of not being so late that we had to do the whole sign-in-at-the-office-and-be-even-later penalty dance, we drove and I lovingly shoved them in the front door of the school.

Then I hit the McDonald’s drive-thru and got breakfast for Nerdguy and I, because apparently I hate myself. And him.  We always get the same thing as each other.  So I spend the whole time in the line feeling awkward as I wonder if they think I am going to take it all home to eat myself (which I totally could do by the way).  I fall just short of blurting out “It’s for a friend!”  because that would look desperate.

After breakfast I worked on tracking down some pictures that Maggie’s therapist wants for a social story, and then I tackled the pantry clean-out.  I never leave enough time for these jobs, though, so the kitchen is a disaster.  I went grocery shopping this evening, so I cleaned the source of the smell out of the fridge and put the good cold food away.  Now the kitchen is a combination of food to be thrown away, including something that I am sure once was a vegetable, and new from the store groceries to be put in the cupboards.  I don’t think that is how the FIFO inventory system is supposed to work.

But my pantry looks like the shelves in Sleeping with the Enemy.  All labels facing front.  Like an organized person would have.  Or an unbalanced lunatic.  It’s hard to tell sometimes.  When I was in University and stressed, my room was military neat.  It wasn’t a good sign.

On my way to get the kids I had a sudden flash that the leaves were supposed to be at the curb by tomorrow for when they bring the snuffalupagus truck around to suck them up.  They never come the day they say they will, but we all know that the year I’m not ready for them is the year that they will be out there at 7am on the first day.  I really didn’t have time to fit in raking with the kids home, and Brownies to get to, but it had to be done.  I raked like a maniac well into darkness.  The children that I didn’t frighten away with my loud grunting jumped in and helped.

Several other neighbours began raking up the remaining leaves that they had not gotten to, because when they see us raking, they know that truck is circling the neighbourhood.

While we were choking down our dinner in an attempt to get out the door on time, Nerdguy came home.  I was all proud of myself about the leaves, so I made sure to mention it.  He said that he noticed it as soon as he pulled up, and admired my…I forget what word it was, but what is the opposite of procrastination…forget it…I’ll look it up later.  I was confused, because other than raking in the middle of the night in my jammies, it was as last-minute as it could be.  I mean, they are collecting them on Thursday!

Yes Tara, it is a Thursday pickup.  The 21st to be precise.

Of course.

After dropping the girls at Brownies, I headed to the grocery store.  When I walked in, a man was down on the ground convulsing, with a woman holding him, and a group of teen boys standing around them at a distance.  I heard one of them mention calling the police, so I wasn’t sure what I had walked in on.  But I knew the lady needed some help.  So I dropped my reusable bags and asked her what help she needed.  She explained to me that her 22 year old son was having a grand mal seizure.  He also has cerebral palsy and a mild intellectual disability.  I wasn’t sure what to do to help, other than support her so that she could help her son.  The boys called an ambulance, and I put my purse and jacket under his head so that he wouldn’t hit it on the tiles.

I did little things like pick his glasses up off the floor so they wouldn’t get stepped on, and I kept her purse safe so it didn’t get lost in the commotion.  Things that moms think of doing.  I hope that I was of some comfort to her as well.  Although I have never experienced anything like that with Maggie, I do know how alone I can feel when I am out with her, and dealing with an impossible situation.  I always appreciate other moms just being there for me.

I was impressed with was how calm the mom was.  It told me exactly how much she has dealt with over the years.

I was not impressed with my lack of first aid abilities.  If it had been a heart attack I don’t think that I would know what to do.  After feeling helpless tonight, when there really wasn’t anything medically that I could have done to help, I don’t want to ever be in a position to help someone, but not have the knowledge to do that.  A first aid course is definitely on my list of priorities for the year ahead.

When I got home I was still shaken, and Nerdguy said that he was really proud of me for helping.  He thinks that a lot of people might just keep walking.  I really hope that isn’t true, because I don’t want to live in a world where people don’t help each other.  I think anyone would have jumped in and helped.  What do you think?


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    When I was in college a lady collapsed in the school store and had a seizure so I jumped in and did what I could do which was make sure she didn’t hurt herself. I suffered from seizures for years as a kid and I know it scared the crap out of my mom. Now that I have kids of my own and one who has febrile seizures it’s a very scary thing to watch especially since you can’t do anything. Glad you helped, it’s scary but I’m sure the mom greatly appreciated it.
    LOL at the raking in the dark, I’ve done that and we’re always late on truck pickups and leaf suckers too.
    I have to say the yelling ‘it’s for a friend’ made me snort, it’s so something I think of when I’m picking up food and have nearly done on several occasions. Love your posts<3

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      Thank you for commenting! I was grateful that the mom was there because she could tell us what was wrong…I think it would have been much scarier in your case when the lady collapsed. And I am glad that I am not alone in my late night gardening or take-out anxieties! xo

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