I have some exciting news to share with you!

I am no longer the person with the biggest mustache in this house!

Time to celebrate with some wine!  For Nerdguy.  So that I can get him drunk enough that I can shave that thing off after he passes out.

Nerdguy works from home, so he has become quite accustomed to hanging about the house, and working in his pajamas.  He has fancy schmancy ones that he deemed his ‘Executive Pajamas.’  His co-workers know he works from home, and they regularly ask him what he is wearing during phone conferences.  I’m pretty sure that’s sexual harassment, but I think maybe he is happy just to have any harassment in that area, so he lets it go.

Over the past year or so, he has become a lot more involved with volunteer activities that require him to be out of the house, so his days of executive wear are less frequent.  They have also switched his conferences from phone to video, which has eliminated the need for his colleagues to ask him what he is wearing.

Now they ask him if he is wearing pants.

I think they have a perseveration with his wardrobe choices.  They should probably see someone about that.

A couple of weeks ago, Nerdguy had a week with no meetings outside of the house, and fully embraced the opportunity to live his formally reclusive lifestyle.  This meant sweats and facial hair.  Much like my usual state come to think of it.  You know what they say about married couples starting to look alike.  We are shopping for matching sweat suits and mustache combs next week.

He has never had facial hair for more than a few days before, but he decided not to shave it off and see how he would look with a mustache.  I told him that this is a good month to do it, if he wants to, with it being Movember.  The kids love it and want him to keep it.

At breakfast this morning, he asked the kids if they still recognize him, and Molly said “Yes, of course!  I recognize you by your love.”

Nerdguy thought that was really sweet.  So I said “It looks like someone’s getting a pony!” because I like to ruin Hallmark moments.  I’m sure a good therapist could explain my inability to be serious.

And like my inability to be serious, Grace has an inability to let other people have the attention, so she ran over to Nerdguy and began nuzzling up to him.  He said “So I guess you want a pony too then?”

Grace looked him straight in the eye.  “No.  I want a unicorn.”

What just happened here?  Has inflation become so high, that even ponies are no longer the gold standard of the child reward system?

Just as I was beginning to ponder the degree to which our children may be spoiled, Molly ran back in the room with her old baby hairbrush, and began to brush her father’s mustache.

At least I know that she will know how to groom her pony.

***Nerdguy’s fundraising account can be found at the Movember site, and we would love if you made a donation to this great cause.  Next month will be our unicorn fundraiser.  ***


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