I am trying out this InstaFriday thing that I enjoy reading on Life Rearranged and forever folding laundry.   I know how to use InstaGram but not how to do the whole linky thing, so I am going to just do this shoddy off-track underground version.  Any helpful hints would be appreciated. And money.

I haven’t taken too many pictures this week because my iPhone has decided it hates me.  I used it to take a video at Molly and Grace’s choir competition, and when I stopped the video between songs, it began convulsing.  I have the 3gs, and I am terrible about syncing it ever on a regular basis, so that may be part of the problem.

It’s so funny how much I expect from my cell phone since it wasn’t that many years ago that I had this:

Photo by RobotSkirts
Or my rockin car phone that my dad installed in my Dodge Shadow when I was in university.  It was strictly for emergencies because I think it was something like $9 a minute.  There are no pictures of it, because we were using chisels and tablets for taking pictures back then.  We had to pawn the chisel to buy the phone.  

Molly and Grace were playing Barbies tonight after Grace’s gymnastics class.  I was sitting in the room feeling all happy about how nicely they were getting along, and quite honestly a little bit smug about what great girls we are raising.

Then I heard Molly say “Only the pretty ones can be in the picture.”

I have a feeling that there will be a lot more doll play in our future.  In a therapist’s office.

This afternoon I jumped down off of the elevated play area at their school.  I was feeling rather spry that my knees hadn’t collapsed from under me.  Especially after my afternoon shopping at Mastermind, when I kept banging the rolling basket against the back of my knee, triggering the bending-and-collapsing nerve instinct.  It happened seven times.  I wasn’t feeling too good about myself that I can’t even coordinate walking and pulling a red plastic basket.  But I was regaining some confidence when I jumped elephant cat-like to the lower level.
Until Grace said “Wow Mommy!  I’ve never seen you jump before!” 
I may as well have had my head directly inside of  a chip bag, and a box of doughnuts in each hand, from the lazy sloth that comment accurately portrayed me to be.

Yes, I know it’s not that high.  But it is for an old lady with rickety knees  and a dizzying caffeine buzz.

Oh crap.  I forgot that my final instagram picture from the week pretty much confirms the image from above that I never jump and always snack.

Like my McDonald’s takeout…these were also for a friend.  Who never showed up.  Because they didn’t have a car phone.

You can find me on Instagram as nerdgirlmom.  Come follow me.  Quickly.  Before my phone gets accidentally run over.

life rearranged

Well, would you look at that…I figured out how to insert the thingamabob.  *pats self on back for scientific knowledge approaching NASA levels*


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