Weekend Wrap-Up

How was your weekend?  We had a good one, with no big plans, which is nice for people like us that like our downtime.  Plus it leaves time for spontaneous plans, which is always good right?  Well, unless you’re an English teacher.  In that case, your head is exploding.

Friday I helped out at the snack program at the kids’ school, which I always enjoy, but found to be particularly awesome this week.  It was our first week back, and I enjoyed everyone’s company so much…isn’t it such a nice treat when you leave the house feeling grumpy and come home feeling full of joy?  I’m so glad that I got involved with the program because it has let me get to know so many women, and help the kids while having a good girl-chat at the same time.  The only thing that would have made it more perfect would have been cash an awards ceremony my friend to be back from her trip so that she could have been there too.
Then I talked the Mr into taking me out to Quizno’s for some lunch.  Mmmm.  I always forget how much I enjoy it there.  Well, not there per se, because it always seems to be filled with sweaty computer guys who talk too loud and travel in packs.  But the food is good.  And I brought my own computer guy.
Grace had her gymnastics class this weekend.  She got horrible rope burns the first class, so I was horrified to see her scaling the rope again this week.  She figured out how to grip it with her feet instead of her legs though, and she did just fine.  It was the final piece of evidence that she was switched at birth.  Nerdguy and I couldn’t climb a rope if it was the only way out of an alligator pit.   Well, partially because I dissolve into inappropriate and debilitating laughter in the face of a crisis.  There’s a tip for you if you know me in real life…if you see me laughing hysterically and I’m the only one behaving that way, do not approach the crowd without first scanning for dangerous wildlife.  Or muggers.  Or butterfly nets.
Maggie had speech today and went to Home Depot with Nerdguy.  The twins are doing the Flat Stanley project this year, and Stanley had his maiden voayage out to accompany them.  It’s a far cry from the limo and helicopter rides that their classmates’ Stanleys ventured out on this weekend, but at least he got out of the house on Saturday, which is a lot more than you can say about me.  My life is officially sad when a tiny, flat man, who has been laminated into his clothing, gets around town more than I do.  You know, that Stanley’s mother is a brilliant woman…I’ll bet she doesn’t spend the weekend battling his laundry.  Can you get children’s clothing laminated?
My Saturday involved cleaning, 11 billion loads of laundry, and watching a dvd while I folded 8 baskets of clothes until 1am.  We have reached our internet limit for the month, and our cable was being ‘reconfigured’ by the mad scientist, so I had to go old school and watch a dvd.  You’ve Got Mail is not a good choice when you are feeling deprived of internet connectivity.  The whir of the modem connecting sounds like the notes of a symphony instead of the dremel drill of the dentist’s office that it normally sounds like.  Meg Ryan is already adorable…she has to have access to her email from the computer too?  When I found myself actually cheering for her bookstore to go under, I realized that I might have a small internet addiction.      
Come on Meg…make yourself useful and fold some of this laundry would you?
This morning I went to church.  I had not been since the twins were born…because…well unless Jesus Himself was going to get in there and change some diapers, there was just no way I was getting there with 3 kids under 2.  And as time went on, it just seemed too hard.  Or maybe too easy to stay home.  I’m not sure.  But I have felt the tug to go back over the past 3 years…and Molly and Grace are starting to ask the tough questions.  So I took them, and they were quite excited to go.  Grace’s Stanley got religion today.  Well, if getting religion means he sat folded under   my purse on the seat beside me, that is.  We all enjoyed it, and I was surprised at how many people remembered me.  That’s reassuring I suppose that I am a somewhat recognizable version of the once-well-rested me that used to exist. The girls joined the children’s choir, and already signed up to be candle-lighters.  Pretty good progress from a month ago when Grace was begging me not to “make her ‘take church’ because it’s scary.”  
Grace’s Stanley’s first trip out was to church. We’ll take him motorcycle shopping tomorrow. Molly brought her Stanley along from last year.  I think people were worried that we were starting a Stanley worshipping cult.  It’s a bolder version of going door-to-door.
I was happy to see one of the ladies that I always enjoyed speaking and working with there, and she looked so surprised to see me because she said that she was just thinking about our family last week.  That happened to me recently when I was looking through our old university pictures, and came across the ones from the class formal.  There was a girl that I always enjoyed talking to in the picture, and I wondered what ever happened to her.  The next week I was sitting in a student council meeting, and she was 2 seats away.  God’s plan, fate, whatever you want to call it…the pulls of the universe are just so interesting to me when coincidences occur.
This afternoon was a beautiful fall day, so I took the girls to the park for a couple of hours.

Maggie is full of pure joy on the swings while Molly gets her ‘heavy work’ done for the day.
And now it’s time for bed.. Or maybe a coma.  Goodnight!


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