Wordless Wednesday but with Lots of Words

I am not capable of being wordless.  Twitter is enough of a challenge for someone like me who fully embraced the change to facebook that removed the limits on the length of status updates. This is my first Wordless Wednesday and I can’t seem to stop typing words.  It’s almost like a dare that makes me use more words than ever.  Like when I tell you not to think of a pink elephant.  You can’t NOT think of one.  

Unless of course you are so busy thinking about my free use of double-negatives.  
The girls went back to school yesterday.  They were excited and didn’t seem nervous at all.  I always remember feeling sick to my stomach with nerves.  Maybe that comes when they are older.  Or my excellent parenting skills have shaped them into three self-assured young ladies who are ready to take on the world.  I’m sure it’s that one.
The twins are in the same class for the first time this year since daycare, and I think it is going to work out really well.  Grace was missing her sister last year, so we gave her the choice to try it this year.  Oh, and the twins are the 2 shorter ones in the picture below.  Yes, we are sure they are twins, and yes we do feed the little one.  And no, we didn’t get mixed up and forget that the tallest 2 are really the twins.  I did take the wrong twin into the doctor’s once, but I assure you that is where the parent-trap mix-ups stopped.  I think.
First Day of School 2012

Grace – Grade 2
Maggie – Grade 2
Molly – Grade 3


On the way home

While they were at school, I did laundry.

This sign makes me realize that laundry day could be so much worse.  
Photo credit: DoctorWho

I also cleaned and continued unpacking from living like pioneers camping.  I thought my house would be spotless with 3 of the pigpens gone for the day.  

I am clearly delusional.  
It still looks like an abandoned flea market.  Possibly with actual fleas.  And no market.


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