When It’s Too Much, God Sends Nuns

So I feel like God might have a more twisted sense of humour than I originally anticipated.  The past two months have been a bit of a crap cupcake with one family crisis after another, with a little credit card theft icing and epi-pen sprinkles on top.

In anticipation of today’s disaster, He sent me nuns.


Not just one nun.  But a pair of them.

You know your day is not going to go well when God goes ahead and sends in the reinforcements ahead of time.

My Great-Grandmother had 3 daughters, just like I have.  She had my grandmother, and 18 months later had twins girls.  Each of the twins had one daughter.  Those 2 daughters each became a nun.  Are you lost yet?  It would be like if Maggie and Grace each had a daughter that became a nun.

And I was dead.

I don’t like this story.

Anyway, we never got to see if the whole twin thing continued down the chain.  Well until MY eggs decided to all climb into the same basket, that is.

My Great-Grandmother with 3 ridiculously close-in-age girls, just like me.  We also do our hair the same way.  I’m also wondering how she managed to coordinate having them all sit for a photo.  I don’t think I have a decent photo of me with my 3 girls from 2005.  Forget 1905!

This week the Sisters came to visit because one lives in the U.S. and the other lives up north, and this is kind of in-between, with a lot of our family living here.  It is supposed to be a vacation for them, and a chance for all of us to catch up.  I haven’t seen them in years, and I am looking forward to getting to know them better.  Especially since one of them is a retired SLP, and is keen to meet Maggie.

Any pre-conceived notions that you have about nuns is completely wiped out upon hearing about just a couple of stories about these ladies.  One of them was mugged a few years ago by someone driving by in their car, and grabbing her purse.  She refused to let go, and fought back, while essentially being dragged by the car.  She won.  The other one set off with another Sister one day and drove up to Inuvik to live.  From Ontario.  Then she drove to Yellowknife for a few years and lived there.  The courage it would take to do that is impressive.  I can’t wait to hear more stories of their lives that have been dedicated to helping others.

Although I really wish that their visit could be smooth and uneventful, I sure am glad to have my Sisters here, with their love and support.  Plus I think they can get my messages through to God about how I don’t think He is very funny.

I don’t think my facebook messages have been getting through.


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    LOL, nuns are seriously awesome. My best friend joined the Dominicans a few years ago and when she comes to visit, we have so much fun. I have pictures of her wearing Shrek ears over her habit while playing with my kids. <3

    They are tough cookies. I couldn’t wear all that fabric throughout the summer.

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