Day of Fun

I can’t believe how quickly this summer has flown by.  There are so many fun places that I still want to take the kids, so much more relaxing I want to do, and I certainly thought we would have the cubbies that they keep their school work in cleaned out by now!  We have 2 weeks and then they go back.

Maybe I can just send all their work from last year back with them in a bag and call it their “Introductory Portfolio.”  A little payback for the giant heaps of crap that the teachers send home just when you think you have the house clean.  Like the week before Christmas.

Me:  Here Mrs Soandso…we got you this lovely gift card to help you drown your sorrows in coffee.  Merry Christmas.

Mrs. Soandso:  Oh and for you, I have these lovely wall-sized murals covered in glitter and cereal that I have secretly hidden in your daughter’s backpack, and she has been given strict instructions to whip them out precisely 4 and a half minutes before your company is due to arrive, and run the length of the house with them.  Ho ho ho!!

Sorry I got a little sidetracked there…

Since I know the next 2 weeks are going to be busy, I told Molly and Grace that we could go wherever they wanted on Thursday for a day of fun.  Maggie had school again so she couldn’t join us.  But she wouldn’t want to.  She starts to twitch when she sees me packing a cooler or swimming bags, and begins to plead for school.  Much in the way I plead for serenity.

There was much arguing about where we would go, but in the end they decided on Jumpy World, which also has mini-golf, and then swimming in the afternoon.  I offered Niagara Falls, but clearly I don’t know them at all, because they looked at me like I had offered them a tour of the sewage treatment plant.

They have been begging to go to Jumpy World for 3 summers now, and I have always said no.  I plan to say no to more things for extended periods of time, because when you finally do say yes, they declare it “the best day ever.”

After they were all hot and sweaty (eewww…I think I remember why I don’t like these places) we went to the other side and played mini-golf, for the first time for them, and after a long time for me.  We had lots of fun, and didn’t keep score.  It was a tricky course, with a lot of sloping sides that would lead the ball to go in the water.  They did pretty well for their first time, and they really enjoyed it.  We also had a view of the driving range from where we were, and Grace is eager to learn how to play real golf.  I would love to take lessons myself.  I used to play a bit when I worked at an accounting firm, but I was terrible.  Judging by my mini-golf performance, I am still terrible.

Grace golfs like she is playing croquet.  Molly had better luck golfing backward.  I saw some PGA scouts lurking in the bushes, and I am sure they will be in touch soon.

In the afternoon we headed to Nelson Pool, which is the pool that I used to spend my summers at growing up.  It felt really strange to be there.  I used to go with my best friend, who ended up being one of the girls in high school that bullied me and made my life a living hell.  So it was weird to be there knowing how much fun I used to have, but also feeling like all of the good memories were a lie.  I was glad to have new, better memories and see the joy on my children’s faces as they splashed and had lots of fun.  Molly finally conquered her fear of the diving board and had a blast!

Molly and Grace

I also learned a lesson today.  The word “outfit” in the sentence “Pack an outfit in your bag to change into after swimming,” does not include shorts or pants of any kind for one child, nor does it include underpants for the other child.  One went home with a towel wrapped around her bottom, over her underpants, and the other went home commando.  I am proud to say that I was fully dressed.  This time.


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    Man, I’d love to join you guys for a fun day like that! heck, I’d love to join you for a day in Niagara Falls. 😉

    Wow – Molly has gotten so tall! Love the pictures! You captured the joy of the day perfectly.

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