Weekend Wrap-up

Yesterday I took Molly and Grace to my mom’s condo to pick up some nightstands that she doesn’t need any more, help her friend with his computer and also take the kids for a swim in her pool. 

I was showing Mom’s friend how to get the photos off of his camera and onto his computer, as well as how to upload them and order prints from the store.  There were pictures on there from when the twins were 2.  They are almost 7.  I guess I was a little overdue in getting over there to help him.  It was like a Sony time capsule.

The bigger challenge though was getting his printer to start working again.  The wifi became disconnected, and I thought it would be really simple to hook it back up.  It was not.  So I got on the phone to tech support (Nerdguy) and he talked me through what should have worked.  And it would have.

If I hadn’t been on the phone. 

After carrying the laptop back and forth from one room to another, and the wifi going on and off, I finally clued in that it was the portable phone that I was talking on that was interfering with the wifi.  Every time that I would bring it back into the room where the printer was, the wifi would cut out.  I thought it was because I was too far away from the router.  But I was also too close to the 2.4ghz portable phone base.

I felt very much like Clark Griswold and his Christmas lights.  When people were screwing with him by turning the garage light on and off.

Except I didn’t kick a reindeer.  Had Santa been standing there, however, I most definitely would have kicked him.  He didn’t bring me squat last year, so he pretty much has it coming.

Thankfully it didn’t come to this either:

Creative Commons photo at http://www.flickr.com/photos/patrickcoe/3914107657/

I forgot how exhausting computer problems are.  I also can’t believe that I used to run a network, and do tech support every day.  In between audits and preparing financial statements.  Seems like a whole other lifetime.  I also forgot how good it feels when you get the problem solved, and when you are able to help someone that is completely frustrated with their computer. 

Someone who was contemplating opening the tiny condo windows and pitching the laptop down 13 floors.  That’s clearly dangerous.  I save lives people.  Remember that for my major award.  Darn.  Now I’m mixing Christmas movies.

After Tara’s Genius Bar closed (it was definitely short a genius, so it never actually opened) we took the kids in the pool.  The temperature was beautiful, and the water very relaxing.  Well except for all my hissing at the kids to not splash all of the older ladies with their set hair and makeup.  That was slightly less relaxing for all involved. 

My little fish

Today I slept in until about 10am.  Now THAT is summer vacation!  Most of the family stayed in our pjs all day, had naps, read, watched movies, and just chilled.  The house looks like we were looted, but that’s ok.  It can wait until tomorrow.  We even had breakfast for dinner.  Grace helped me make the pancakes, bacon and eggs.  She is becoming quite the helper in the kitchen, and pancakes is the meal that only the two of us make together, so I hope that she will always have nice memories of that.  I know I enjoy the time together.  And it helps advance my conniving plan of having the kids do all the work around here. 

I have some naps to take.

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