The Days are Long and the Years are Short

I feel like the girls are growing up so quickly. We are just starting to see early glimpses of the silly giggly phases of what they will be like as tweens, especially this weekend. I don’t know if I just noticed it more? A migraine will do that I suppose. Or if there was something different about the weekend. Maybe it is the relaxed days of summer that we have had, with lots of time to just be themselves and not have to be rushing here and there, and following as many rules. They have had lots of exploring and pondering time this week.
Look how precious they were at Easter 2006 (I am choosing to focus on the precious and forget the part about the colic, and how Maggie screamed for 2 full days, trying to calm down from Easter).  {Maggie, Molly, Grace}

They are looking far too grown-up here.  Even with the stuffed bunnies.  But the good news is how well that couch and wall colour have stood up for 6 years!  Can’t say the same for the carpets.  Or my sanity. {Molly, Grace, Maggie}
I notice Grace and Molly having little plotting conversations together, and they would giggle when I would ask them what they were talking about. Usually they are so quick to share everything with me, and all too often I find myself shooing them away while I try to finish something, with instructions that I would love to hear about it when I am done doing X, Y, and Z. Now I was chasing them for information and it was a real wake-up call to be on the receiving end of the shooing away. I’m sure the years will be here before we know it when we have to beg them to tell us things, never feeling like we are getting the entire story. I am realizing that I need to do less shooing and more full-attention listening.
Molly and Grace conspiring from an early age.  Molly was teaching Grace how to grab her feet.  Now Grace teaches Molly how to do the monkey bars.
Today I was getting frustrated trying to herd Maggie along from the kitchen, and up to her bath. It was like dancing with an octopus as she swiped leftover ice cream out of the discarded bowls on the dinner table, alternately getting it in her mouth and also all over her stuffed animals, and then smearing ice cream on the computer touch screen and restarting Netflix every time I turned it off. As I finally managed to steer her from the kitchen toward the stairs, I let out an exasperated sigh/growl. Then I heard a dead-pan “Oh no” that sounded like the eye-rolling tone of a teenager. Like “Oh boy, here she goes again!” If you know Maggie, she is the most giggly little girl you will ever meet, most of the time. Her giggles are sweet and toddler sounding still, without any filter or inhibition to them. Her tone of voice when she talks is very sing-song, and she doesn’t break from that very often. So this sarcastic sounding reply in a deeper voice coming from her completely caught me off guard. She was the one that I didn’t think would give us the teenage attitude. I think I was wrong.
I just love Maggie’s smiles.  Her laughs are even more delicious.  She could cheer up Oscar the Grouch. 
And then tonight Molly and Grace were teasing each other about who their boyfriends are. We like to give Grace a hard time by teasing her that Justin Bieber is her boyfriend. She gets really mad and insists that she doesn’t like him at all, and that in fact he is MY boyfriend. I told her that I don’t think Daddy would be too happy about that. Then Grace started teasing Molly that some boy from their school is Molly’s boyfriend. She got all embarrassed, which I don’t think I have ever seen before on her…that is usually Grace’s territory…and kept denying it, and stammering, and blushing. I think I have some investigating to do.
And a security team to hire.
And a time machine to build.

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