This Post is So Last Week

This week Last week (this post has gotten away from me and look it’s already Tuesday night) seemed to be a busy one and I am not even sure why.
Last Sunday I was going to take the kids to see fireworks for Victoria Day at the park, on the condition that Molly and Grace didn’t fight, and that the house got tidied up on Saturday and Sunday.  Maggie decided that she didn’t want to go, and the other two continued in their belief that I am their maid.  So the fireworks were cancelled.  For us.  Not the entire city.  But don’t think I don’t dream about having that kind of power!  I’ll work on controlling my little family first.  And maybe myself.  But I digress.  Get used to it.  Since they kept up the part of the deal about no fighting (I think.  I may have blocked it out or been rocking in a corner and missed it all.), I said that we could sponge off of any neighbours that were setting them off.  See how giving I am?  We sat in the front yard because the raccoons in the back terrify us. 

Grace is always ready to save people from moving cars.  Whether there are any around or not.
Lucky for us there was a pretty good show going on one street over.  We lost our dignity when the children began shouting “We want more!” repeatedly.  Up to that point we were strictly a class act.

We had Monday off.  Molly and Grace helped me to weed the garden in the back that had not had one single plant in it, that wasn’t a weed, since nerdguy and I built it 9 years ago.  Hoping that this year it will be a veggie garden.  The bunny and the raccoons voted the same way.

Tuesday Maggie threw a royal fit when we got to school because to her it should be Monday and she goes to a different school that day, and clearly we had made a horrible mistake in her eyes.  I had tried to explain it to her the day before but we decided to agree to disagree after the eleventieth round of “No.  IBI.”  There might have been some lying down on the pavement when her teachers came out to get her.  If anyone is looking for protesters, particularly against vegetable growers or sweater manufacturers, I think she may be your girl. 

Wednesday I had my last day reading with kids in Maggie’s class.  The ones that I read with have come such a long way over the few months that I have been going.  It’s so neat to see them progress.  I go on days that she isn’t there, because I must not be seen by her ever in the school.  I’m like Snuffleupagus.  A legend that a crazy yellow bird makes up stories about seeing.  Nerdguy and I had to hide in the library when we were there for a meeting and she was on a walk.  She found us though.  Glad to know that she recognized that 2 adults hiding behind revolving bookcases is not normal.  I would be worried if it was.

Thursday I had to call the roadside assistance people because nerdguy’s van had a flat.  Thank goodness it happened at home, and not when he had Maggie in the car…she would probably flip the van over herself if she had to sit around for that long waiting for them to come and fix it.  I was glad that we didn’t try to change it ourselves because the spare was stuck under the van…it had to be towed to the mechanic.  It had a nail in it.  I’m hoping it was accidental.  Or one of the raccoons didn’t like the garbage selection this week and was sending us a message.  I hear they are gangsta.

Raccoon warning.  Next they cut the brake lines.  Raccoons are serious business in the burbs.

Friday I volunteered at the school for our healthy snack program, which is always fun, and then headed out dress shopping with a friend for an awards dinner that we are going to next week.  I had lots of fun with her, but I wanted to go here:

Canadian Tire Logo.svg

to buy something like this:

A size 6-8 person tent would probably fit.  Just need to find shoes and a bag to match.
Instead we went to the mall.  I HATE clothes shopping, and dresses have to be the worst thing ever.  Why are they all sleeveless and clingy and horrible?  And why did I not start that diet 6 months ago?  Oh that’s right…because ice cream is delicious.  And fish are friends.  Not food.

Of course I left my travel mug in her car.  Do you do that?  I leave them everywhere.  I don’t think I have ever left a disposable cup anywhere.  Weird.

Saturday I planted a vegetable garden for the first time with a volunteer organization that I joined this year (boy I sound like a humanitarian with all this volunteer-dropping in this post…everyone roll your eyes on the count of 3…really I just don’t want to stay home and clean my toilets).  One of the ladies had lots of good instruction about how to plant everything, so that was kind of neat…did I just say neat?

Veggie garden second in awesomeness only to Dora’s chocolate tree.

Maggie had speech for 3 hours.  Lucky girl.  She loves it though.  She has been going to the same SLP for 4 years now, and she loves her.

I took the other 2 monkeys to the public library, out for ice cream, and then on a hunt for a blow up kiddie pool.  We had a bbq outside and the weather was gorgeous.

I bought this for the porch.  Hoping the bright colour distracts the neighbours from the sorely neglected landscaping.  And windows.  And entire outside.

Have you noticed how things grow on the way out of a store while you are on the way to your car?  It always seems perfectly reasonable that a piece of furniture should fit inside my car when I am inside the store.  As we get closer and closer I realize that my van is not a clown car.  Not that I would ever, under any circumstance want a clown in or around my car.  Let alone 25 of them.

This is what the Hunger Games was based on.  An ice cream duel to the death. 

Today Sunday we had baseball, and set up the pool.  Of course that meant it was freezing today.  No talking them out of it though.

Maggie has confused the pool with a vampire and is trying to drive multiple wooden stakes through its heart.  I’m sure the pool will be filled with garlic next.  And the raccoons will be using it as a hot tub.

So that was our week.  This week is even busier.  All 3 kids have field trips on 3 different days, and Grace has her dance dress rehearsal and recital.  And I have a dinner to go to.  Assuming I find shoes to match my tent.


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