There’s No Crying In Baseball. Except When There Is.

Today is Mother’s Day. I had been awake a whole 3 minutes when 2 of my litter were scrapping with each other in my bed. It leads me to be firm in my belief that Mother’s day should be a Monday.

Nerdguy went out and got us McDonald’s for breakfast. Mmmm. I haven’t had their breakfast in ages. We didn’t have the biscuits here in Ontario until recently, only the English muffins. So my bacon egg mcmuffin on a biscuit brought back memories of trips to Florida with my parents, when my dad would do mcd’s runs in the morning. Of course I could have used the day at the beach to go along with that!

The kids made me wonderful cards and gifts, that always make me so happy. I love how they scramble around the day they bring them home from school trying to hide their surprises. So cute. Nerdguy got me a pretty lavender Kobo Touch, which I was so excited to get, The Bloggess’ new book, which has me howling, and I have only just started it….I can tell that I am going to love it….and a gigantic Toblerone bar that totally reminded me of the one that Joey got from Emily on friends. Swiper Maggie got into it before it was even given to me, so of course I wrestled her for it. It’s chocolate. You would have done the same.

Today was the first day of baseball through our local Autism support organization. We participated last year, and Molly and Grace enjoyed it quite a bit. Maggie liked it at first, but as the heat of the summer wore on, she refused to even attend. It’s a great program, sponsored by the local little league, and they provide tshirts, ball caps, a photo, and hot dogs and drinks after each game. It’s a chance for the kids to try out the sport without feeling the pressure of a regular league, which is perfect for Molly.

Maggie was very excited all weekend to go, and was excitedly repeating “baseball” so we thought that this year she would participate. She would not put on the shirt and hat…had very much the same reaction as if we handed her flaming lizards, and suggested that she should drape herself in them. So no picture for her, and no game. But you bet she got a hot dog. She lined up twice during the game trying to get in on the hot dogs early. We still don’t know if it was the sensory issues of wearing the clothes, or the idea that she would have to play ball. I’m thinking it was playing ball. I admit I was disappointed, and tried to push her to put them on and try it. It’s so hard to know when to push them and when to follow their lead. With any kid, really.

Molly and Grace worked really hard for the whole 2 hours, doing drills and playing games…I was very surprised to see Molly actively chasing the ball. I was am the type to dodge the baseball, much in the same fashion as if live grenades were being lobbed at me.

After baseball was all done, we headed to Boston Pizza for dinner.


Free dessert for moms. Yes please. Add a free bottle of wine, with one long straw, and I’ll be back every year. Look at nerdguy’s face…this was after a “scene” was made by one of our darlings…and then 2 of them closed in on him like a vise….clearly wine was required. Luckily it was only a “scene” and not an “international incident” because those require stolen prescription pads and shifty pharmacists.

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